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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


January 2006

another day with deep thoughts

i finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha.  I dont think it really matters if i watch the movie or not.  All the way i was reading, i would hv fall in love with Nobu-san.  Ngee bang asked me how come i dont like beautiful things, what is a beautiful thing anyway?  It is really disturbing to think that a woman can devote her whole life just 4 the right man to come and rescue her.  I think the lingering effect of the story will b in me 4 the whole day or mayb a few days.  I must not b sad, there is alot things waiting 4 me. 
We went to My Restaurant.  The food is really not bad.  The table we sat has a vew of the roundabout.  When i was staring out of the window, i saw an aeroplane flying and moment later a white stork flying low.  Wish i can fly!

This is so nice!

It is 10.47 am I m still in my pyjamas.  Hehe, woke up really early this morning 2 read my book.  I guess this must b my cat personality side.  Now happily in front of beloved PC, with a glass of hot milo, happily blogging and doing my Java graph.  Can any1 helpme, how to convert a graph with a traditional coordinate system to Java coordinate system?!!!  Tried .translate() but doesnt seems to work.  The sad thing, my handy drive, i think i 4got to eject it properly, now got problem already.    I formatted it but after that seems to have problem again.  *cry*
Is so weird but I guess i also have dog personality side. I think i will take bath at 11.20 then wait 4 my darling mummy n daddy 2 come home n off i go 2 shop with beautiful yi ling, miew sing n chew yen!  Give every a !!!  After that go 2 taichi in the evening mayb dinner after that so i dont think i ll b around till night!

My very 1st sales job!

Ngee Bang is super nice and amazingly sweet!  He brought me around town to do sales.  He really taught me alot.  To be honest, i am really scared.  But with him around, things just seems so fun and at the end of the day, i was actually excited about the whole business.  Ngee Bang i really hope all your wish will come true, you just dont know how much i cherish you as a friend!!!!!

I just love morning

i m so happy 2 wake up early, such peace, reading my book.  Cant wait till Sat, then i can change my bedsheet.  I just love the feeling of clean bedsheet rubbing on my skin.  I can just spend whole day in bed reading my book.  Now need 2 do my chapter 4, my supervisor sent me sms, give 2 the world the best u hv n the best will come back 2 U.  I used 2 not like my supervisor but now i think back he has always been nice 2 me, just that i was super spoilt 2 realise anything at all except my shallow mindedness.

Currently Reading

Author Golden’s ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’.  So far since i started reading the book, it is about Chiyo-san when she was little.  I wonder how much of her "childhood" will be chop off in the movie since the movie advertisement emphasized on Zhang Ziyi so much.  Is a nice book, but the more i read the more i hope that the movie wont b a disappointment.  There is so much of her childhood, haaaahaahahaha i cant imagine Zhang Ziyi playing the part of chiyo-san.  Yes, I can imagine Gong Li playing Hatsumomo.  She is going 2 b amazing!

if u plan 2 buy me gift(s) :D

 Nokia 6111, automatic voltage regulator, web cam, standing microphone or headset.  Thank u very very much

silent moment 4 my thoughts

Never hv i love my personal time so much!

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