I came home being small and miserable
But that was just PLAIN STUPID!!!
I had always live my life the way i wanted
Just because of one little incident
I totally lost myself
This is who i am
And this is how i am going 2 live my life
Thank you so much Siou chin and Gary
For making realise that my life is indeed
My life!
Pei Shan, after all these years of slavering
You still have such an open heart
I really salute you!
Have I ever regret?
NO!  I cant wait to learn my full round of waltz steps
I m going to dance at the party!
I ve always wanted to do a website
And i m going to do it
Because i m entitle to do the things i love!
Now i feel so happy
It is good to be able to stand tall again
Daddy i hope you will find yourself again!
Wish every1 the same!