Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


August 2006

those friends moment!

all we did was laugh, chat and took photos.  We show our true selves, it doesnt matter if the ture u r vain, ugly, dumb, is just pure u n ur closes friends!  Cant wait 2 show u guys the photos we took, so much laughter!  Is like being young all over again!  hehe, ying the photos got censored already, will show u the full photos when u come 2 my house!

Tee Ying Ying and Chua Pei Shan, GOSSIP!

U know, last friday right, we went dinner: NB, YY (u know who la), Tuko Seng, hiaw po daph n I.  Seng drove NB’s car, they picked me 1st b4 YY, all the way NB was like where 2 bring YY 2 eat, i was like scolding, let YY choose la since she has not been in kch 4 so long, aduh!!!  I think i m getting stupider lo!!!  i manala tau, actually NB 1 2 b romantic w YY lo.  I really really felt bad lo.  I think back now, actually i think he wanted 2 bring YY dinner WITHOUT all of us but tuko seng n daphne were at his house so bo pian had 2 invite those 2 along, then hiaw po daphne asked me 2 go along.  Oklo, we ended eating at bla bla bla, then after tat YY said 1 2 chia us drink so i suggested Travilion since YY never been 2 that place, then YY said yes already, last nite NB brought her there!!!  SO ROMANTIC LO!!!!  The nit b4, she arrived, she called him, so he brought her around town!!!  ;))  So kesian lo, why life so unfair 2 both of them.

new place 2 hiaw!!!

EVERY1!!!!  We are going there hiaw once KC is back n pig out on icecream!!!  ;)) KC pays hoh!!! (no devil emoticon bo)  I went there hiaw liaw, ate 3 scoops..oppsss…  ;)) even took photo there  *blink*blink*
I dont know how 2 say this but i think i m getting more hiaw lo, even though I very much 1 2 b angel but with the rate i m going, hard lo!  2day i bought a new matching pair of bra n panties and a skirt, yeap again.    ok, i feel really guilty but i think it’s only 4 now since is Mega sale, even my mummy agreed with me!!!  LOVE U SO MUCH MUMMY!!!  If i would 2 list down the things i bought this month, hmm..  then again u guys know AAAALLLL the things i bought this month including the presentsss…  i mean how can u not buy presents when is Boy’s convo and Po Chan’s 1st baby!!!!  I remembered NB told me that i need a older man, hmmm.. or what he meant is a more matured man that can control my level of hiawness   but I worked so hard cannot buy things how le??!!!!! 


Ying wrote in her blog thanks to us for accompanying her but the truth is she accompanied me! As I get older ;)) i really dont 1 2 admit i m old lo bcos i feel i m still quite young!!!   I M!!!!  I m so blessed with mummy, daddy, sis n boy always be there for me, lee ching 2 play ping pong with me, jogging, yi ling, yi ling’s sis and chun wei to hike with me, ying and tnb to swimming with me, ai wei 2 accompany me, sock hui to chat with me, kiang 2 listen 2 my "sadness", pei shan 2 hiaw with me ;)) KC 2 siaw with me and even bert willing to cycle with me! Thank u every1 4 treating me like princess!!! I just love u guys so much! I really, really dont know how to live my life without you ppl.

Ever since sock hui told me 2 go out n date again, i did think about what type of husband i would 1. I told NB, is there such guy on earth that run marathon (men open) n let me run (women open) and let our primary school children run with us children open with my mother (yes, my beloved mother run marathon veteran open!). Somemore this guy will bring the whole family backpack and hike at different parts of the world n let the kids try paragliding and will dance with me whole nite!  NB asked me 2 ask my dad if got such guy or not? He said sure my dad said no and even if got my children will b 1st class hiaw!   ;)) like mother like daugther like father like son ba

funny n stupid!!! =))

Been wanting to put this down but was having prob with this space!  NB insisted that we invite jonathan over 4 our sushi afternoon and he told us, jonathan’s japanese level is far lower than his!  SHOW OFF!!!  When Jonathan came he asked us, why did we make so many california rolls?  We answered him, no, not california rolls, but maki because 2 us, rolls r temaki!  NB replied that yeah, we made maki n not rolls!!!  Then Jonathan replied, maki means roll!!!!   Ying n I know 0 japanese so we r 4given n that guy that said pass Level 4 japanese 1, 1st class shame!!!  Somemore attending classes with 2 different sensei!  Sungguh memalukan masyarakat!
After out sushi afternoon, ying n I went 2 buy things 4 my next morning outing.  It was really cold just after the rain.  As soon as i got in2 the car, ying said she wanted 2 drink mushroom soup.  So ok, off we went 2 everise 41/2th mile.  I think we must have walked 5 2 six rounds at everise looking 4 mushroom soup but we could only found Vono brand but we didnt want that brand because it was more expensive and we didnt know whether it was nice or not.  We were looking 4 Maggi brand and we even wanted 2 ask assitence from the store keeper, finally i remembered it was near the bakery side.  We took a packet and dropped it in our basket.  Then off we went 2 pay.  When we reached home, I told ying i ll go change while she cooked the mushroom soup and I ll make her hot sandwiches!  I was upstairs when ying called after me, ying was like, Piang, did the store keeper 4get to put the mushroom soup in the plastic bag?  I was like   Did i paid for it and didnt even realise they didnt put it in??!!!  I checked the receipt and it was not in the list!  After all those hussle of looking 4 that packet of mushroom soup, we didnt buy any!!!  Ying, sometimes i do feel that we are all so close friends partly because we have the same level of "inteligence"!  I can imagine pei shan’s face while reading that statement =))

is it because u r happy or is it because you are been loved?

hehe I understand that!  I m so happy n so loved!
did a lot last weekend!  Starting from Friday nit, from chating, watching tv, to making sushi, shopping, watching Clicked, hiking, doing house chores, washing car to tidying my room!  I m surrounded by ppl that truely love me n i love them more than anything in the world


I found a friend going back pack with me in Thailand!!!    ;)) Min, i promise i wont b spot light 2 u n ur bf!    I ll go paragliding!  I checked already it needs 5 days course!  U know what we r just in luck!  31st Dec got full moon party!  We r going 2 dance whole nit!!!  I m just so excited about the whole thing!  I dont know where 2 put the part where we go snorkelling n diving but definately need 2 shop!!!  B4 we live Thailand, i 1 2 go spa n massage!!!  7 days is like not enough!!! 

Haha, how i wish!

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i hiaw almost whole day! :”>

:)) I can hear ying n pei shan saying when hv i not hiaw le?    ni men pu yao chi yang ba.  Actually the hiawness starts as soon as i m off from work Saturday noon!  ;)) Ying, yesterday we pig out on McD, next week, we ll go swimming!  Ying!!!  remember the couple spa?  How r u considering?  I really need something 2 relax lo.  Ying, TNB said I cannot always bring u hiaw lo because u got husband liaw bo!  After u read this blog sure jealous 1!  We went window shopping!!!  I called tnb asking him if he is still alive after experimented him with the flu pills!!  Yeap, he is very much alive n can still hiaw with me whole morning le!  Breakfast was diff.  Got little claudia!!!  I had breakfast with Daphne, Seng, Daphne’s sis and her daugther, adorable Claudia!  I called ai wei 2 join us but the girl is sick!  Get well soon ok honey!  After that they sent me home because i didnt one to follow them shopping.  Then not long TNB called so off we go 2 PC fair!  I got all the essentials i need, thumb drive 2 back up my thesis and casing fan!  :)) After so many years finally my PC got casing fan!  But the thumb drive doesnt seems 2 work wheni got my webcam at the same time!  Why so shitty le!   Because i bought the thumb drive, the lady gave me a red shpping bag!  Guess what??!!  I think he must b the only guy that i know will wear a red shirt n carry a red shopping bag shopping in town!  He actually placed all his belongings in2 the bag and off we go shopping at tun jugah and swak plaza.
We went 2 tun jugah 1st.  That hiaw po, 1 2 go G2000.  =))  He requested for the salesmen 2 bring him trousers size 34, he tried on n when he came out of the fitting room, the trousers just 2 tight 4 him.  Then i requested the salesman 2 bring him size 36, that’s 2 big!  He felt so pai seh then said he ll come back n buy after he lose weight!    Yeah right like he ll ever lose weight la!  After that, we went 2 French Gallery.  I wanted 2 show tnb the dress i wanted 2 buy 4 ai wei’s wedding but no more liaw!  Then i saw this skirt!!!  I tried it on n it’s really nice!  The 1 i can use 4 ballroom dancing!  But the price was really really expensive!  whooppingly RM145 4 a knee length skirt!!!  On our way out, I saw a dress wore by the model.  I really love it!  But i know it’s going 2 cost a lot!   
Then that hiaw po said 1 2 see shoes.  He wants 2 buy the shoes similar 2 mine!  SO HIAW!  But knowing that pig, he said he was hungry.  So we decided 2 eat at Suan’s chicken rice partially to meet Peggy!  Ah!!!  So nice 2 see Peggy there!  She still so beautiful n her body, my goodness!!!  I really do wish i can have that type of body at that age!  If i could have that type of body even now i dont mind!  Guess what the hiaw po ordered!!!  Fried chicken, curry chicken n vege!  It really quite big potion!  Thank goodness i reminded him only order a plate of rice!  Yeap, the piggy ended up eating everything!!!  ;))  Peggy gave us discount!
Peggy reminded us that we must consistantly practise!  She said the time she was in Australia, her son knew how much she loves ballroom dancing brought her 2 dancing hall.  She performed in front of the ang mos n they were so impressed!  They said how they wish they can dance like her!!  How I wish i can dance like her!!!!!  I MISS DANCING!!!!!    She said she used 2 cant sleep at nit just 2 practise the move!  I get that 2 early in the morning, I really feel like dancing n i just dance alone.  Even though now dont have partner, I must practise alone bcos i love ballroom dancing!
Being that hiaw po he is, still wanted 2 see shoes.  We went to SOS but nothing much, is almost his class time and yet he still insisted wanted to see shoes in Swak plaza.  He tried a few shoes but still insisted that he want to see Hush Puppies shoes.  I saw heels really nice n I like it alot!  70++.  Why is everything so expensive!  But is so nice!  Bert sms me asking me if I want to go kl 2 matta fair, so now my heart hiaw hiaw liaw 1 2 go kl shop!  Somemore, Daphne said she is going 2 kl 2 shop end of this month!!!  I cannot b so hiaw lo everything 1!!!  Die liaw la!  All bcos of the bad influence of u ppl.  B4 this i m very angelic 1 bo.  NOT!!!  But i really 1 2 buy a tube dress or top!  I actually hv a tube dress in mine but that’s going 2 cost me a bomb!  I also 1 2 buy a pair of heels covered at the toes!  I 1 2 buy more skirts, YES KC I wear skirts!  Girly looking skirts!  I actually tried another dress but i really dont like it at all and it really doesnt fit!  I dont like long dressess and skirts!  Really doesnt fit me.
Lazy 2 blog liaw!

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