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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


September 2006

what do u fear?

I told ying that i scared of my eye doctors.  She was like, u scared of what??!!!!  Yes, i can talk 2 strangers, tried 2 convince them 2 buy things, entertain ppl, even insects not going 2 scare me, but i scared of my eye doctors.  Why le??!!!  Last mon, during out dancing class, got this really adorable girl joined us, she is learning cha cha, i told nb, that girl is soooooo adorable and nb actually agreed.  So i told him 2 go la, ask her name n phone number n nb’s reaction was SIAW AH LU!!!  nb, despite the fact can go out with 5 girls at a time, is actually scared of girls!  Pei shan, hahahahaaaaaaa scared of kitten n mek scared of fine-apple.  Ying, scared 2 talk 2 strangers, Ying, u r more normal lo

Human expectation can crush u badly

it has been really really long since i last wake up "normally".  2day finally i woke up quite normally 540!  Is really really good.  Waking up i was really happy humming some old song, dacing, did everything mummy normally do in the morning.  The hardest thing is to expect sth from some1 and when that some1 was unable to do what is expected you cant be angry with that person.  I choose 2 4get and move on!
this morning i feel good and i hope there are more days 2 come 4 me 2 b "normal"

what makes u happy?

last saturday 4km non stop on the treadmill with radio full blast!  me seriously considering getting mp3 player with fm radio lo, the i ll jog outside my house.  Just dont know how 2 describe the feeling, when i run, is like the rest of the world doesnt matter, and when i run agaist the wind, is really really nice, i know i m exagerating but it really feel like i m floating lo.  my aim going 2 run along the road at state library!!!  smug
;)) n the 2 hours straight ping pong with lee ching n friends
lee ching n her friends said i m a fast learner *gigantic grin*!  just 1 time with them i can serve liaw, but still cannot fast ball la, lee ching n her friend, su fang, really keng lo, even the guys playing squash see them play like really amazed!  The ball if kena, sure blue black 1!  but if i can play like that, wah!!!  so nice!
;)) after that we passed mbks hall. got ppl selling ramadan goodies.  Even though not many stalls, i m happy already got mummy chicken kurma, daddy kambing sate, boy,chicken sate n me beef rendang

The whole world can lie to you but you cannot lie 2 urself

Finally "confirmed" my vision got prob, now need more check up again!!!  Sien!  The 1st checkup, when the 1st doc asked me when did i realised i got vision prob, I answered since secondary school,  then he asked when do i realised the lumps under eye lids, again secodary school, the nurses n another doc make fun, "She is here 2 "see" u!!!"  Just now, after the 2nd checkup, after i was informed of my condition, Dr Tan said he ll arrange 4 another checkup 2 weeks from now, he said 2 weeks not so long la hoh, since secondary school, 2 weeks not a matter of life and death!  Ok, ok, i get u ppl!!!
I knew i had vision prob, mayb the prob was there since i was young but i dont realise but YES i realised, quite ceratin I had vision prob since secondary school but i never bother about it or is it more of like i never dare 2 face reality?  nb said some ppl never dare 2 admit their prob their whole life n he is 1 of the example.  Then another question, so what if i admited it now, so what if confirmed now, i lived my past 10++ years like this, be +ve that i can hiaw more at nite??!!!!

Mek said me angel

at the end of the day NB is right, i m devil in heaven! >:)

;)) attended undergrad camping

I know i m 2 old for all this!  u know from the start, i didnt know why i had this feeling that had 2 attend even though it was clear i m 2 "old" for this!  it was suppose 2 start on sept 16 6 pm but it was daddy n mummy’s anniversary n sis’s bday!  I will never ever miss that 4 anything in the world!  the camp is organised by a taiwan buddhist merit group called tzu chi. they said can go after my family dinner.  I was suppose 2 stay over nit with them, then after dinner, I asked bro 2 send me there but he said asked dadddy, daddy asked who else is going, i said only me, he asked how about my friends i said no, just me only ;)) cannot imagine pei shan attending things like this!  daddy said if me only better donw stay overnit, i cant see somemore.  Then didnt go lo
the next morning, i waited for daddy n mummy 2 wake up to bring me 2 camp but they woke up quite late then i got phone call from them saying that they can pick me there.  I really didnt know, why i had this feeling that i had to go.  but by the time i went the came back from visiting the poor already!!!  I did volunteering b4 with this group so my main aim for going back there is to be able to help and contribute more 2 the society!  so the 1st thing that i join them for was the discussion after visiting this old lady.  This group will go back as many times to investigate every case, till they are really sure that these ppl really need help.  The old lady had no children, then being old her movement is limited.  If her sis didnt bring her food she will not have food at all and she cant really clean herself.  I only went 2 the discussion after the visit and i was in tears already hearing their stories, one of the girl that went cried really really badly.  Basically we r divided in2 4 groups and visited 4 diff family or ppl that need the assitance from the society.  1 of them was the story of this old couple, really really happy couple despite the fact that they r dirt poor, the shack that they r living, when it rains, the shack will b flooded, the shack is so small already they actually kept a room 4 their son.  They have no idea where is their son and their son just never bother 2 come back.  Then there is another 1, a couple with 2 special children.  When the wife passed away, is just the father and the 2 children didnt really know how 2 take care of themselves.  when sth happened 2 us is always 4 a reason and once i heard those stories, i instantly know why i had 2 b in that camp.  I had been taking mummy n daddy for grantted.  in the afternoon there was this session where all of us are blind folded, then they played a radio play, there is once part where the son comes home everyday but the mum just couldnt talk to him because he is either 2 busy with work or going out his friends.  wo kan tau ni the ren ke shi kan pu tao ni the xing. direct translation from mandrin, I can see you but I cannot see your heart.  I hardly sit down and chat with mummy and daddy!  And being typical asian parents, they dont tell you that they miss you they just keep quiet!  So i m going to find time everyday to sit down and chat with my mummy and daddy.
;)) they said that got volunteering work this nov, so i m definately going to volunteer and since i know now that they do visit poor family, I ll join them!

My daddy n mummy’s wedding anniversary and my sis bday!

Sept 16!  daddy insisted he had a party 4 his anniversary!  And since is also my sis bday, yeap, exactly 1 year after daddy and mummy got married my sister is borned!  So chun hoh.  My dad really like things home parties, I m so like him!  I love the home party thingy because you get to invite smaller crowd, those really close 2 you, so you just eat, drink , laugh, chat and watch tv!  Cant wait daddy and mummy go 2 china this Nov then I have party for you guys ok?!!!  They are going for 10 days, so we get to try baking and cooking!
mummy n daddy’s anniversary got lots of good food, maki, japanese fried mee, fried japanese noodle, fried shark fin, roasted pig, mango duck, sea cucumber with vege, mummy fried bee hoon and prepared salad and meat roll!  hehe I ate ALOT!!!  i m 101% wine girl, bcos the wine didnt really goes with any of the dishes so after my dinner, i enjoy wine, sayang garden is wet or else i can sit at the garden staring the sky!
I told mummy, I ll clean the verandah. wash it nicely then i ll go look for a cosy long chair, I ll plant flowers there, then in the morning I will have my breakfast there, read newspaper or read book or just sit there staring the sky, the stars the moon.  hehe n the flowers i plant!  but mummy said cannot i only mess her things up
photos in bro-in-law’s cam, mayb will get from him this weekend

i enjoy what i m doing

I really enjoy my job now even though I need 2 deal with alot ppl but I also enjoy research that i had been doing b4 this.  But if do both at once, really lo, must got extra good time management + i 1 2 go hiaw le??!!!!  How le??!!!!  Life is fair lo, must choose, prioritized

Detox and back scrub

they wrapped me up in towels, then they put sth like a water bed covering all of my body so just left my head uncovered.  They switched on the machine and the temperature increase.  After 20minutes, i really sweat!  Then they scrubbed and massaged my back!  Really, i dont feel anything different as b4 and after the detox and scrub!  I wanted 2 jog when i reached home but daddy said need 2 mop the floor, so i mop the floor  ;))  Pink Kancil still clean so i didnt wash pink kancil lo.  ended up eating!    i put on weight lo.

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