I never know national day can be so fun!  hmm.. yes ying the hiaw po pei shan 1 2 go 2 the bank, but initially she wanted 2 go 2 upwell.  But that hiaw po ngee bang 1 2 cut hair so oklo we went 2 riverside area bcos that hiaw 1 2 try at crowning glory, YING!!!  When the 2 of us go 4 couple spa n massage??!!!    Ying, i really need 2 destress lo!!! Hehe, out of topic!  We parked our car in front of Segi college and we walked down somerset bcos hiaw po needs 2 go 2 BBC ba.  Then we passed all those big bikes parked outside somerset but that time didnt start hiaw la bcos hvnt eat lunch ba!  Then we walked down 2 BBC, then hiaw po said need 2 transfer from 1 bank 2 another so we went crowne plaza, as we walked we realised the road in front of crowne was closed!!!  ;)) ying!  I also go photos in front of the cat ba!  Somemore le i get 2 take it hugging pei shan bo!  can hear pei shan w her style of complain!!!  bcos the road was closed, we were like, eeee can hiaw in the middle of the road!!!  Guess what we did??!!!  We walked right in front of the road n start taking photos!!!  then after hiaw po pei shan settled her bank thingy, we went 2 look 4 nb, that 1 1st class hiaw!  straight after cutting his hair, 1 2 take photo!  then i wanted 2 eat nasi lemak!  but b4 that nb said he 1 2 pang sai so we went 2 hilton lo bcos our precious butt need clean toilet ba!  Then when we were there, the place was packed with police!  after pei shan n I came out of the ladies room that tnb was like AAHHH!!!!  Pak Lah coming out!  Pak Lah was having lunch at Hilton!  that nb was like!!!  Siaw lang insisted on shaking hands n take photo with him.  ying lazy 2 blog la, tell u some other time!  u view photos la~