I came home 4 lunch, mummy and daddy waiting for me to eat together with me and mummy squeezed fresh orange juice for me!  Sock hui actually willing to spend just to go KK 2 play with me even though just 4 a nit!  NB I know ur financial standing and u still agreed to go KK with me, KC the amazing doc that can join my siawness wanting to go everywhere and anywhere!  Ying, actually bring me to buy Vitamin A and even asked about other supplement for my eyes.  Kiang!  I didnt even send u link on my eye problem and you did "research" on your own and reminded me 2 eat healthy food!  Mek, despite the fact that you are so pack!!! u still put effort 2 be with us.  Even Daphne booked K room 4 us 2  so that we can hv a great ai wei s party!!!  Ai Wei even made me earrings!!!  Cannot put about pei shan lo, afterward her cool faye wong image break then she wont be happy lo.  I m SOOOOO LOVED!!!  HUGSSSSS n MUAH MUAH MUAH 2 all of u!