Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


November 2006

those moments you can never turn back time

i told ying that i m lazy 2 blog n I m going 2 give up blogging, then ying said no, i should blog my kk trip!  the kk trip was so fun!!!  the whole trip was so nice!!!  the fresh oyster, is sth I long 4, i like it simple just with lime, that’s all.
the sea is so heavenly, I love the sea colour, is so soothing, just makes me 1 2 stand at the white sand beach n stare at the water whole day.
;)) i actually took 1 whole range of sunset!!!
haha, I told him tq a few times already, even b4 i went ying n kiang reminded me, it is really dark 2 climb 2 the peak n reminded me not 2 go because is really really dangerous.  I told KC, NB n Siew Hung, I can wake up and make breakfast but dont go 2 the peak.  KC with his policy of not leaving any1 behind actually
lazy 2 blog liaw


more jokes!
1) NB n Tok went 2 Green Gallery, then got this old lady trying 2 come down the staircase, step by step because of her difficulty to walk.  THen NB told Tok, look at the old lady coming down the staircase.  Then NB told Tok, Piang was even worse than that when coming down Mount kinabalu!
2) Ying Ying n her "amzaing" mandarin!  We were on our way to the dentist at Stutong and passed Jalan song, then we saw the machine that dig up soil to make drain (i dont know what is the exacat term).  Then ying said that is shui koaui che.  Then i was like ok, the mandarin term for the machine is longkang car.  Then NB was like, shui koaui che??!!!  hehe, it was suppose to be wa koaui che
Tok teased ying about using the longkang car 2 make "longkang" – cleaveage

sometimes it is better this way

u finally thought mayb can give it a shot but things r never this easy, in life we have a choice, is better this way where it never gets started n no 1 will ever get hurt but being 2 b able to that, i still b happy n live life 2 the fullest is worth a million dollar

i must blog down all the funny things!

Sharon told me that Alvin has sth to tell me.  The last time they came 2 kch, i told Alvin that I love hiking even though is not a sports i m good at, but i just enjoy nature!  Sharon said u dont be shocked what Alvin has to say to me, Alvin read in the newspaper that someone was eaten up by the crocodile in Swak, reminded me not 2 go hiking!
ying n i had lunch at 1 of the kopitiam at Saberkas, we requested a "kung" (mandarin) plate.  The guy brought us a plate and said that his plate dont have "kung" 1.

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