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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


December 2006

I m hvg a good time

Been hvg a good time so far!  Voon’s bac!  So pai seh i promise 2 meet her at 1230 but bcos of facial, only met her at 2 pm, somemore le got lost 2 her house!!!  her mummy had 2 bring her 2 thompson corner 2 meet up with me.  we had really late lunch, we went 2 the eating place near post office, the 1 opposite the temple.  my goodness the place was really really pack!  but at the end, the 2 of us stil get 2 eat!  we had satay, kolo me with vineger and fishball soup!  we had a good time chatting about relationship =))  voon said i m really enjoying my new found freedom!  what more can i say!!!    I had so much fun this year!!!  I hope i can continue 2 enjoy my life!!!
after our late n super fattening lunch, voon and I went window shopping at main bazaar area.  i really enjoy window shopping there, sayang saturday afternoon most of the goldsmiths are closed!  but we still get 2 see those handicraft.  Voon saw a pair of slippers, hmm.. 1 of this day we must go back n buy!

Spore and Sarikei

Been wanting to blog but telephone line down.  after i found out how lonely planet was created, then i realised, it doesnt matter if other ppl have been to the place, what matters is how i view the place.
I love Spore!!!  I guess every thing has it’s good and bad side.  No landed house 2 stay in with garden n dogs!  But what I love about Spore, Independence!  I get 2 travel on my own and u cant really get lose in spore and most of all I feel safe.  hehe, I get 2 travel at night even because everywhere is brightly lighted.  Even now, because of the construction work behind my house, my parents even feel that it is unsafe 2 jog just outside my house, so going 2 the park alone in Kch is out of the topic.  But in spore, i can go every where!!!  hehe, i can picture myself running at the park and most of all, jog at the sidewalk without my family screaming!!!  If 1 day i decided 2 make it on my own, spore definately top on my list.  I had great fun with Sock hui, KC n NB.  ;)) basically i went 2 most places in spore!  haha, i love the dolphin show ALOT, even b4 the show started, when i saw the dolphin, i knew i 1 2 keep 1 as pet.  I went 2 sentosa, visited underwater, so nice is i can swim with them!  I finally understood what KC meant when he said the beach in spore is pathetic!  the sand of course is nice, white sandy beach but the view from the beach at all big tankers!!!  ;)) i stepped on south east asia southest point!  I really feel sayang lo i didnt bring my camera.  Or else i ll hv so many photos 2 show!  I went 2 clarke quay, esplanade, suntech, vivocity, of course Orchard, last minute, NB brought me 2 chinatown, the local food there is actually not bad, i had fried wanton, nb bought this curry, tom yam fish ball thingy, sth like that, 1 more i 4got liaw.  I guess must really try hawker food!  I went 4 river cruise but i was super sleepy that time!  That nit, I was super quiet, haha the typical piang is sleepy n fall asleep like piggy!  shopping is so fun!!!  let me see what i bought, levi’s 4 bro at 50% discount! adidas singlets again 4 bro n bro in law, i bought myself a reebok running shoes, sing dollar 49.90, belt 4 myself, ;)) and a skirt 4 myself 19.90.  I bought 2 shirts 4 mummy, a shirt n 1 singlet 4 sis, but sis said she cant fit in so >:) is mine!  I bought daddy 2G thumb drive, think about it i should had gotten him portable hd, got earrings n toy magnet 4 the girls, got chocolates 4 sock hui and a shirt 4 KC.  KC got 2 many apek working shirt so need something more modern.  =))  I m so broke now, yesterday when i went shopping with ying, is really suffering lo, is really like u can see n cannot buy!    but is ok, i must tell myself, i save now then i can go travel n b really really happy! 
I love Sarikei also, haha I think I love everything and everywhere.  MS, sis in law, Ngiik King brought us around sarikei after the wedding.  We left the bus station 7.30++ reached skei 2 am.  the bus ride is horrible!!!  My butt really hurts!!!  I dont think i ll ever 1 2 take a bus 2 sarikei again!  ;)) we use flight 2 sibu then sibu 2 sarikei only 1 hour still bare able.  MS wedding, very very Sarikei foochow wedding.  but MS is beautiful!  again the stupid piang 4got her camera!!!  What is with me??!!!  after the wedding lunch, we bought cake and brought over 2 MS place!  Yi Ling…  we went 2 taman tasik!  I saw bee hives!!!  my goodness, the park is filled with ppl and imagine some naughty kid throw a stone 2 the bee hive!!!  she brought us pass the sarikei hospital, nice lo!  haha, I think everything is nice 2 me!

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