I had been thinking of this good friend quite often but I was just too pack to give her a call. I think i must put extra effort to spend time with her. She knows me in a way through what she went through. We are looking for career! I knew a lot of people that changed jobs so often just end up being unhappy because is always about the money and at the end of the day, they dont even know what they want to do! Before I started working, I remembered asking her, why do you change job to a job that just pay you slightly more then the previous job? Am I going to do a job that I know I love a lot but down 10 years I am still in the same position? I want to grow, when she told me she is leaving to find a job with better prospect and at the same time at least get a diploma in graphic design, in my heart i was so relunctant to actually hv someone that i love so much leave but I understand, that’s the only way for her to find what she wants. She had to leave because Kuching has no room for her to grow. I hope the next time our paths cross again, we had found what we wanted in life. I am going to miss you SSSSOOO much. Spread your wings and fly my friend!