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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


February 2007

Hv i found my ideal job?

i once read if u dont get tired even after working long hours n u dont complain a single thing at all about ur job then u hv found the right job.  u know mil commented that when it comes 2 listening, i m like sara, we r so defensive that we dont bother 2 listen.  after analysing the whole comment, i m indeed defensive and i m not the type of person that listen. so i was more than willing 2 change 2 make sure i m always good 4 my work, i always go the extra work 2 make sure i know more and i m never tired of my work.  i know i love my work but m i a good consultant?  i remember whyse telling me she wasnt a good 1, i honestly think she is, she said tq but others might not think so.  mayb that’s the case 4 me.  1 thing 4 sure, i m glad that i got a really good proj manager, there r still so much i need 2 learn from him


the thing about living with family is when u do house chores, u dont just do it for urself but u do 4 the whole family, u washed all of ur family members cloths, dishes, u cooked 4 every1 (hehe my case is i tapau la), when u sweep the floor, u sweep every1’s room.  sometimes i really feel like just dont bother 2 help my bro but then again i ll feel so guilty bcos if i dont fold boy’s cloths, mummy will end up folding 4 him, so I always end up folding cloths and sweeping his room.  i really dont mind doing house chores but is just tat i feel bro not cacat ba, he can also help up!  mek used 2 complain that her daddy is not obedient, so she n her mum had 2 end up putting down all the things they r doing, 2 help him.  My case is bcos boy didnt 1 2 go his part of house chores n i didnt 1 her 2 b tired, i ll end up doing it but the idea is that mummy is tired n i didnt 1 her 2 b tired so even if my bro not cacat, i ll end up tidying things 2 lesson mum’s work!  saturday i m off 4 cny shopping!  i got every1 new cloths except 4 bro-in-law.  can exclude him la bcos really broke liaw!  haha!!! 

only when it’s sth new then u ll put effort 2 1 2 know more about it

sui jiun???!!  i think that’s her name!  i totally agreed!

2day’s daddy’s bday

my daddy really really keng when it comes 2 friendship.  I hope i can b ta fang like him n mummy!  Hugs n kisses daddy!  I saw the comments on my blog!  actually I m quite suprise!!!  my msn list only has such few ppl n yet still got ppl bother 2 read.  Pei shan, sock hui and mek darling i lazy 2 blog alot of things but i 1 2 put it in as a reminder 2 myself, when i see u guys then i tell u guys the stories la.  hugs n kisses

i can b such a b*tch n yet simple things like stand on my own feet!

i feel n I think tonnes of ppl felt it 2!  sometimes i can b quite a bitch n pull ppl down!  i constanstly remind myself, dont b so mean 2 ppl!!  we r all just human!  blog some other time

what is so suprise about that??!!!

Jealousy crushed a 30 over years friendship, so?  Both of u are professional men over the retirement age with children over the age of 21!  U should hv known better money recognizes no 1!  do what u hv 2 do, you cannot change a man!

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