Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


March 2007

i must go back 2 my dream again

i give u up bcos i didnt know what i 1 that time n things r just in a mess, but now i know i 1 u!  this is my dream n i m going 4 it!

Im really tempted 2 go 4 manicure!!!

i 1 flowers on my nails!!!

she s a nice girl :D

when she told me that u r broken hearted, i was happy finally both of u can b 2gether but when i think again 2 fail again at the age of 28, sigh, buddy, remember u said u ll only get married at least u must b 30 n above, mayb is 4 the best, i know u r going 2 make it, hehe, she’s a nice girl smug!!!  Sadly 2 admit about myself, if fail another relationship again after 30 i think i ll just die!!! =))

i have the best brother in the world

i dont need 2 tell ppl how much i enjoy dancing, even though i m slow, i m really really slow, but i still insist on learning, bro brought me 2 dancing class bcos he doesnt 1 2 join, he came back from work, had dinner drove me there n sat there 2 wait 4 me till 10!  bro said if i dont know how 2 cha cha as long as i can eat bu bu cha cha enough liaw   love u bro sayang!  i remember reading mitch albom’s tuesday with morrie about family, is someone that looks over you in everything.  boy boy is one of them that take full care of me!

I control my life not my PC

i hv this habit of switching on my PC the 1st thing after dinner!  I checked my email already in the office, basically i search whatever i need in a short time n yet i hv this habit of sitting in front of the PC whenever i m at home!  what’s wrong with me??!!!
I m thinking of changing 2 laptop but i cannot let go of my PC how??!!!!

we all need girl friendssssss!!!!

lee sia sms-ed me telling me that when she got my sms she really misses me.  is really hard now 4 her 2 find a girl friend that can share everything, now she just spend her time playing with her girl.  lee sia is my very first new friend when i entered unimas.  we played 2gether, those nites eating at burger stalls, the time we ate at the cafeteria gossiping!!!  the time those younger boys after her, the time we plan 2 travel west malaysia, which we never did, the time we were discussing about our future.  i hv this feeling my close girl friends r 1st class hiaw po, b4 we left uni, lee sia announced that she will not get married so soon n then!!!  she got pregnant n had 2 get married n i missed her wedding    why all my close girl friends r hiaw posssss!!!!!  i miss u girl!  i must get my butts 2 penang n we will definately go do all the girly things with ur girl!!!!

I got feel like no purpose in life lo

last few days, i actually felt like life has no purpose, even if I die, it doesnt matter, yes, i think ppl will b sad when the time i die, but after while life goes on n ppl will 4get about me n they will enjoy life bcos they felt how i had wasted my life.  U know some of u might think that i m wrong, but i ve been there done that, yes when oliver left it was painful, but now, 8 years just erase by itself just like that, so i think even if i m so close 2 some1, once that moment gone, n that s it.  it makes me think, is life really just a passing moment?  but after go joggin just now, then i think die also like that life also like that, just life la n try 2 enjoy myself as much as possible but if really die also nvmla, the scary thought is any1 of us can suddenly just commit suicide even me!  if i commit suicide 2moro, i just 1 all of u 2 know that i love all of u alot!

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