Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


May 2007

What s diff

Indian rojak similar 2 the 1 in Sibu, the coffeeshop next to City Inn
ABC, direct translation, flat plate duck
Petanak, how chui kou the bawang chicken
Ah Tau, RH Plaza Tu Ka

My nice weekend escape

my mummy n daddy drove me off 2 the airport at 8 am n my flight was 925 am.  I called nb actually wanted 2 ask him 2 tapau 4 hiew ming.  he ended up inviting me 2 breakfast n off we went 2 7th mile, we took our time eating, guess what, in Kch got kopitiam actually doesnt sell kolomee :)) I ta pau kan pua 4 hiew ming.  bcos we took our time eating i had 2 rush him 2 take me back 2 the airport.  i always enjoy my reading time on flight.   A Malay lady was sitting next 2 me, i showed her the book i was reading ;))  I was reading Wild Swans ;)) still reading it.  Hiew Ming drove me 2 the airport n back 2 her apartment.  I didnt 1 2 dress up in formal wear 4 the theatre so I changed at Hiew Ming s place.  hiew ming drove us to KLCC through the smart tunnel ;))  when going through it reminds me of the tunnel Princess D went through during her accident.  when we reached there it was still early, we actually planned 2 eat fast and still hv time 2 shop b4 our show.  we went 2 this eating place, i 4got the name but we need 2 wait 4 some time so we ended up at bong sen trying out Vietnamese food.  not bad n the price quite reasonable.  then hiew ming checked the time, 245 pm, AH 15 minutes 2 run from KLCC to the convention centre.  thank goodness we went in time 4 the show.  the show was nice, the acting, the singing, the dancing.  Prof Hingis is like KC!  Always insulting ppl.  KC   The ending, my goodness, AHH!!!!  After the show, we went 2 chillies.  ok, not bad.  Hiew Ming wanted so much 2 bring me 2 Alexis 2 try the tiramisu, she reserved a table 4 us n we actually hv 2 hv dinner there in order to make reservation.  after chillies we had salad n tiramisu with i 4got the name of the tea.  guess who performed at Alexis, Pete Teo and his friends.  I m in love with him!  haha!!  We actually stayed till the show ends till 3 am!  I told hiew ming, i m in kl 2 recover from my sickness so if Sunday morning we cant wake up, it doesnt matter, no alarm clock just sleep.  but the 2 of us woke up early, hiew ming up at 8 n i m up at 830.  Again i reminded hiew ming, no rushing 1!  we took our time brushing teeth, took bath, washed cloth, the off we went 2 look 4 breakfast, yummy tim sum at sri petaling.  then off we went 2 1U.  Yunyi called n we met at Oriental cruisine again eat!!!  I ended up buying a pair of shoes, after wearing, my legs hurt!  My flight delayed n I only reached kch 805

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