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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


June 2007

hike and kolo mee morning!

:)) the journey there, i m quite bad with direction 4 those that dont really know me, i actually told the rest that we r using the same road on my previous trip down bau, ah ma started laughing.  c 17th mile n bau r 2 totally different directions.  ;)) just bcos i saw the abandoned chicken farm I automatically linked the 2 places .  we ate at siburan open air i think, the 1 ah seng brought me there b4.  i didnt take notice of the name.  i had kolo mee with meat balls n pig liver with slices of pork meat and seaweed soup.  from the place we had our breakfast, the road leading to the hiking place is just a straight road.  we parked our car at the feet of the hill, there we saw a few cars parked there already.  the whole way up the hill is tar road.  as we ascended the hill, there were car and motobikes ascending and descending the hill.  chun wei told us up there is actually a village, as we ascended the hill, the scenary actually got nicer, non of us brought digi cam and in the process of ascending I was so lazy to take out my hp.  almost towards the peak, we saw climbers descended, and yes! we saw the village.  at the peak of the hill is a church, i think the name is St. Gerard church.  Only when we reached the peak I took out my hp and took a few photos, which really does not reflect the actual beauty of the hill top at all.  we saw a lot of centipedes crossing the tar road, we even saw a scorpion, dead i think, a really huge 1, I think it could crushed by car, a few of the centipede is crushed by vehicles too.  the weird thing is why only centipedes, dont the rest of the insects need 2 cross the tar road too?  why do the centipede cross the road?  :-??  we sat at the hill top chatting and eating waffles for a while, chun wei actually said wanted 2 bring us to another place with waterfall but non of us brought extra shirt because we didnt know.  again!!  is so last minute.  no proper shoes 2 cross river, i presume he meant stream.  so we decided to visit jong s crocodile farm instead.  but we got lost!  haha!!!  I must find out from seng how 2 go there!
but we ended up at 10th mile, i visited the wild orchid and pitcher plant garden, not much orchid there and the garden is not maintain properly, if more effort is put 2 take care of it, i m certain it is beautiful!  i have this love 4 jungle plants.  i took a photo of this plant like paku but is really gigantic, aunt josephine used 2 give my mum and can actually cook that plant to eat, ;)) I actually ate it b4.  we then ate prawn mee, this mee is not the typical prawn mee we hv in west msia, is very kuching style, is just kolo mee with 5 big prawns.  I didnt took any photo bcos it seems so common!!!  guess how much it costs us??!!!  RM10 per bowl!!!  ok, the prawns r big n fresh but hello??!!!  is RM10 per bowl.  b4 we left the town, we walked at the market, I came across apam balik, the girl there asked me if i 1 2 put corn, I asked her how much, she said still the same price, so i said ok bcos I never tried with corn b4, actually not bad!  I actually tapau 4 my mummy

haha! i was once a consultant!

I 1 2 blog down my 1 year experience as Application Consultant.  ;)) in my name card, my title was Consultant which sth i m always quite embrass of!  if in the name card my title was application consultant i ll accept it but CONSULTANT!!!  i was so embarass that I didnt dare to give ppl my name card unless i was "force" 2 like that time Wati asked for it during the meeting.  But when i resigned, I kind of miss that title because it s so "glamourous"!  haha!  As an Application Consultant, bcos the time i went it, i was taking over from another consultant.  I was assigned 2 programs, 1 belonging 2 the company another belonging 2 the business partner.  What I was being told was, all I need to do is just take whatever needed by the business partner from the customers and pass to them and vice versa.  i was like that s easy!!  as a month went by, after a few different consultants from the business partner side, i realised!!!  NO!  my job was not that easy!  from there onwards, I picked up the business partner software, learning how to go about using it and because they kept changing consultants and hardly is there any1 2 fully train me, I had to rely on users manuals.  ;)) thank goodness i m the type that doesnt mind reading manuals.  the part now on dealing with customers, if u r a fresh grad, u ll never know that there is such a lazy worker that will do anything do not need 2 do work!  bcos so the frequent changes of the business partner consultant I had to learn the hard way, i need 2 read thoroughly the u requirement study!  one thing i learned the hardway also, no matter how smart is ur programmer, make sure there is requirement study and stick to the study if ur users are weak!  the company had this open concept let the users key in what ever one 2 capture as data and after a few trainings and there is still no results.  even if now i learned well about that i cant do anything 2 help the customer already.

I m a PIG!!!

:))  chilli crabs in fook ping!!!  Chickin Rice House!!!

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