Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


July 2007

Bangkok 20072007

2 weeks ago was at bangkok, the most thrilling thing there is the ride in tut!  in the process of uploading the photos in kodak gallery

18 rounds non stop

18*.2 = 3.6
more 2 go!!!  still very very long 2 go

my wonderful bday

;)) bday celebration started since Friday nit, as soon as the clock hit 5, i rushed 2 the east moore, looked 4 cakes 4 kiang, nb n mek.  I really dont know what 2 get 4 mek, i 1 sth diff, i checked the 3 bakeries there, I know nb 1 the agar agar cake, soi got him the pandan 1 but they r out of the yam 1, sayang so instead i got him another 2 different agar agar.  still didnt know what 2 get 4 kiang, i knew pei shan will b getting me ice cream cake so i didnt 1 2 get a big cake, so i got kiang blueberry cheese cake, then still left mek, out of the 3 bakeries, i got mek sth diff but still not so diff la.  we went 2 ah tou seafood, is really nice 2 hv the company of so many close friends again.  I m so busy with my life that i hardly hv time 2 go out n do nothing with those close friends, no time 2 disturb pei shan, no time 2 b ba xian ;))  kiang, seng, daphne, ai wei, pei shan, nb.  is like really really long didnt spend quality time already.   ;))  the menu: pork leg, butter chicken, kailan, taufu, soup, chilli sotong, did i leave out any?  yes, mek n tok came in later.  after dinner, and we went 2 patio.  i had mango smoothie, yummy, n kiang got us kinder,  which i had the 1st the next morning, ;)) since friday nit i didnt do thesis!  saturday, yi ling brought me 2 eat vegetatrian, with chin lam, chea hui n lee king and chun wei.  ;)) yi ling got me blueberry chocolate cake, after dinner, cheu hui chia me eat McD icecream.  the exact day of my bday!  exactly 12 NB sms me 2 wish me, his always sweet.  miew sing sms me the 1st thing i woke up in the morning.  ;)) even miew sing’s sis in law sms 2 wish me, so nice of her, i so tidak ada hati, 4got about her, basically my bday, i woke up late, drank fruit juice, ate brunch, went 2 the market, shopped, ;)) i got a new pair of heels, if i tell u guys what had happened, quite certain lo pei shan will say so typical of piang 2 do embarassing things like this.  I tried the heels a few pairs, most i like doesnt hv my size finally got i, n i settled 4 it, wheni checked my wallet, not enough 2 pay   called boy but he didnt answer, called dad, personal phone, voice mail, his office hp, no 1 answer, thank goodness daddy call back, ;)) daddy 2 the rescue.  then went home, cut cake from my family, opera cake!, basically just relax n enjoy whole afternoon, the wonderful part!  I wipe the interior of my kancil!!!  muahahaahahah, every1 must look at my kancil!!!  really clean n berkilat!!!!  my bro think i m siaw n my mum asked me 2 hug my car 2 sleep!!!  sis rushed 4 my bday dinner at see good, yummy, n now, bloggind, need 2 get back 2 my thesis so i can hiaw pei shan the rest of the weekends  muahahahaaaa!!!

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