:)) i realised this quite sometime already but  after telling it 2 pei shan last nit, wah!!!  my journey home really ca b quite interesting.  From unimas down, i can choose 2 go home using bdc, that route will bring me 2 everise, hl, rh plaza, or i can take stutong, where there is choice daily, sunflower daily, somecat bakery, mita, then can go 2 jln song, pass friendship garden, or i can take tabuan route, where the new stutong buildings, got unaco ;)) hv not really explore that part, then tabuan jaya, then got that garden ah ma n I used 2 go jogging, and finally I can also take king centre route, can go 2 king centre.  I can choose 2 go home early end up at the park or i can go shop, :)) or i can cut all those stright at home n end up at comfort zone, I think that ll be my destination once yoga n aerobic class starts, yes 4got 2 add, got stutong can go jogging there, then got 1 more park i had not explore yet, mah said can see beautiful dogs!