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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


October 2007

Indonesia Authentic

this place is nice and quiet and the food not bad, service is good but a little costly.


Appertizer: krotek (potato mix with vege n meat?) DSC01833

Main course: 1 plate of white rice,

taufu telur with vege and taugeh, DSC01832 sweet taste

this fish that can be found in indonesia only fried with this sauce DSC01831

Drinks: hot chocolate, hot cappucino, there’s indonesia coffee and tea but I cant really take dark coffee

Dessert: Pisang Keju DSC01834 This is delicious, with pure cheddar cheese

Price: RM51 can feed 3 adults

Rating: 3/5


idiots learn from their own mistakes, smart ppl learn from others’ mistakes!

all this while i never had sunglasses before and never even cross my mind to get 1, after my doc in kch told me I hv RP, he didnt tell even tell me about UV protection sunglasses.  kiang insisted that I get one after he read from the net.  that time I still didnt take it seriously even went up the peak of KK without any proper UV protection sunglasses!  he was like u went 2 the peak already n yet still no sunglasses.  then off ying and i to get a sunglasses.  miss u hiaw po ying!  sth i didnt know and only knew when i was at the shop selling sunglasses, you can actually choose the level of UV protection.  Of course i choose the 1 with the highest level of protection!  BUT what I didnt know is, the higher the UV protection the darker the lenses are!  so RP ppl pls!!!!  dont b silly like me!  idiots learn from their own mistakes, smart ppl learn from others’ mistakes!  When the sunglasses are readied, I was shocked to see that it was this dark.  What I went through, I ll use the sunglasses while driving under the bright sun, the 1st thing when i drive in the carpark, I cant see a single thing at all!!!  and i had to search 4 my glasses and need to switch between my sunglasses and normal glasses.  if there’s no car at the back is fine but if there’s cars, it’s really hard to change glasses.  Basically it’s just not convenient too dark sunglasses, when u used under the sun, once u enter a shaded place you had to change glasses.  Especially while driving, sometimes the sky is really bright so u put on ur sunglasses then the sky suddenly turn dark n it starts pouring and to look for your glasses and change glasses can really cause accident!  I am going to get myself those glasses that can change according to the brightness or those glasses that I can just clip on the dark lenses.  learn from my mistake

First step in opening up?

haha, now hormon is more balanced already, instead of being sad 4 myself I am going to do sth usefu, i think!!!  haha.  The doc asked me if I would like to join a support group and I answered straight no thank you.  I dont think I m that strong enough to support other ppl but at least if I can share with others ppl my life experience as a person with retinitis pigmentosa, RP, at least will inspire those living with RP that still have centre vision to live more??!!!
I went to singapore on my own, haha which was not my first time and it’s really no big deal!  my super nice friends ini spore, yeap including the ever so jolly colleague that was suppose to be there for her grandpa’s funeral was off with me to shop!!!  haha, as soon as saw my friend and met her bf 4 the 1st time, i told them i 1 2 go 2 Orchard 2 shop 4 and both of them so kesian!!!  both didnt want to go but didnt dare to tell me only after they had lunch, my friend had the guts to come up to me to tell me.  But I was really glad both of them liked the kolo mee, po pia and sio pau mummy and daddy bought for them.  haha, off we go 2 vivocity!  shopping queen wanabe do what she does best! Wink
I went alone to my eye checkup, the week before I totally didnt exercise and being a person deeply effected by my hormon, I was pretty distress.  I was late partially because it was raining and I didnt have umbrella, I thought can pull it through from the hotel 2 the mrt but the time crossing the road to the station, it pour!!!  As I was walking back I met my friend, she was like how can you go travel and not bring umbrella??!!!  Open-mouthed  being me, anything is possible??!!!  I was late and when i reached the free shuttle station, the line was so long!!!  I didnt quite believe i even asked the lady in front of me, is this the line??!!!
since this is supposed 2 b a RP support blog, so here we go, how the eye examination going 2 b:
1) the normal checkup, if u hv any long or short sighted, u hv the right glasses
2) because I told my doc I m there 4 2nd opinion, so he automatically asked the nurse to dilate my pupil, i think that’s the term, those that knows the correct term pls tell me, the nurse will put this eye drop that is so painful, a few times till the pupil is big enough 2 b inspected
3) then the doc scan through ur eyes with some machine
the doc confirmed, my case is RP and cataract developing, cataract and RP go together
I guess, i think basically when u tell a normal person u hv RP, that’s if the person knows what’s that, you ll be sad, yeap when doc confirmed I cried and my hormons not helping me!  just for that checkup is Sing$85.  On my way back from the hospital I met a lady, in her 60s.  She asked me why I cried.
haha, I went 2 2 art shows, all by myself, asking for direction, checking on the net, took the bus and walked n walked!  I took quite a lot of photos but it’s in kodak gallery.  The 2 art show: 1 is sculpture and the other photo.  I think i ll be really happy to be places where I can enjoy musical theatre, art shows
Pls remind me to use less names, I tend to use names because those ppl are very close to me and before this, the blog is only accessible by ppl in my MSN messenger list!  The world is sick, I really dont strangers start looking for me and attack me because my side vision, the adjustment from bright to dark places and not to mention my night visiont is getting worse!  Ego enough I told my doc my vision didnt deteriorate Embarrassed
I am proud to say, I was at Singapore, had dinner with my friends till almost 10 pm, took MRT back and actuallly walked back to the hotel all by myself!  Open-mouthed

a snake cross my path, i think is me cross it’s path

saturday evening, i normally go jogging with chun wei n if nb is around the three of us.  we would normally go 2 diff parks to run and today we went to stutong.  there was totally no rain near my house area but the time we were at the park, i think rain was just over!  we warm up and jog like normal, the time we jog, sometimes I am in front, sometimes chun wei in front or at the side, i think that time chun wei was on my right slightly at the back, suddenly he hold my shoulder and pulled me back slightly and screamed stopped!!!  i saw the snake smoothly moving across as if like floating across my path, i think it’s about 30 cm, brownish, reddish, n a little yellow spot

the printer story

b4 this, I wanted to get a printer because we were not allow to use the printer in office partlly because my studies and my work are not related but now since I m back at unimas n doing my research I get 2 use the printer.  bro needs the printer, so off we go to get a printer, I told him I ll drive because it’s 330pm and super bright, mayb things happened 4 a reason, i didnt know why instead of driving up to the upstairs carpark, i drove into the loading bay because I knew we can actually park there.  As i drove in, my goodness, I cant really see the side!  my eyes adjustment from bright 2 dark places is getting worse, I know i m suppose to be +ve but I cannot deny the fact.  That moment I got scared, I am glad my bro was with me that time.  He helped me see the sides because there was a lorry parked there, I drove out of the loading bay and back home.  Then it hit me, if I were 2 go 2 Sipadan to dive, from bright sun we ll go in2 the sea!  how is my eyes suppose 2 adjust for that???!!!  I told myself from the start that I will not let my eyes to be my limitation, I told hiew ming about it, there is a fun dive!  I can try that 1 1st and if it works, I shall take my diving license and I dont need 2 worry arranging a full diving license course just so that I ll go there and wont b able to dive!  My new printer:DSC01818

haha!! Shopping Queen WANNABE!!

I cant really talk about my spore trip bcos even now i felt the sadness n this is where i discovered the pure joy in shopping!  i dont know i read from where or some1 told me, shopping can a b therapy!  I m going to change the title of this blog to diary of shopping Queen wannabe!!!  what i bought? *smirk*
1) a pair of slippers 4 myself SIN$ 13
2) a bottle of Moschino 4 mum SIN$95 with free medium bottle of Moschino SIN60 ;)) i think it’s mine 😀DSC01817
3) Winter clothing 4 sis, bro-in-law n baby aidan, almost SIN$200, haha, the list is so long till I am lazy to list down
4) Working shirt for dad SIN$19?
5) T-shirt for bro SIN$26
6) Toys for the hiaw pos n of course those upgrade 2 mummy 4 their babies, dont 1 2 list down the price here 😛DSC01812DSC01813 cute hoh?
7) Ginseng 4 grandma SIN$40
8) Bakua 4 home SIN$26
9) Kinder Beuno 4 ifca friends
10) Rings cushion 4 Cah
hmm..  after listing down, why my list so short!!!  now bcome sad liaw, nvm, i ll shop again in hong kong =))  i wish i hv more money, i ll sure 2 buy more things 4 myself, so many things there that i 1, i like n i love!  :-<


in this lifetime…

afterward pei shan said i owe her 10k again

the world is filled with sick ppl, if it’s ur fate then it’s ur fate (sth like that)

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