Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


November 2007

once i leave i ll b alive

this is translated english version of a chinese song, i first heard it from ru guo ai but my friends told me, that is not the original singer, until today i ve never heard of the original version.
The world outside is very big
The world outside is very exciting
Will I make it or not?
I cannot see my future now
If I leave, I ll be alive

i m a material girl!

1) tube dress
2) matching heels
3) Nokia N76
4) Exercise clothing
5) transition lenses
6) indoor exercise shoes
7) ūüėē

Soon Kao Siang

pentanak market, white bawang chicken, pai kut ong, kangkung and salted vege taufu soup!  i still prefer kenyalang cha kueh

pei shan again

i think pei shan ever said sth like that, the life now is like a stable life, so many years had passed since we left uni and started working.¬† my colleagues were saying that all she 1 is just a simple life like now, have enough food, a place to stay, etc.¬† I was at kamala’s house for deepavali visiting, she was telling me her experience she went alone 2 india, had 2 go 2 new dehli all by herself not knowing the language there at all, she just had 2 apply 2 study medicine.¬† she said she know she can make it but if she would had 2 do it all again, she ll think twice about doing that all over again!¬† haha, i was thinking of myself mayb i ll take the chance 2 go germany alone n start a life there, there is this thing in me that tells me that i can make it but is that wnat i really 1?¬† nb said being materialistic is good because we 1 more but is it material that i m aiming for?¬† if there is any1 that take things 4grantted, i dont think i m 1 of them bcos i really love my family.¬† haha i really dont know where i m heading with this blog.¬† being in the¬†mood to think alot

food and lih min!

we brought sock hui 2 bormil 2 eat laksa per bowl then nb ordered cha kueh tiaw, not very nice, the cha kueh also not very nice.  Then we went 2 see bicycles but the shop is not open.  then we went 2 siaw pa wang, i bought the ham bun at padungan i like it alot, then i bought garlic bread n chicken floss bun for my family.  Sock hui bought 2 pies for her parents, then we walked along the shop row, we ended up at the Bing!  the chocolate tiramisu and binofee pie are nice.  Sock hui had banana chocolate smoothie, nb Рmango smoothie and mine, ice blended white caramel/mocha.  All through the morning, we teased sock hui and lih min!!!  =))


Been wanting to blog this down but was busy with my paper.  i know i changed this blog back 2 a permission requried blog because I tend to express my feeling and I am afraid I might offend ppl.  but this site remains to be my support for those with vision problem.  Last Monday, i had to invigilate in the huge lecture hall and the lights are quite dim.  from outside to the lecture hall there is really a shift from the bright sun outside to the dim lights inside.  What I ve learned through my experience, once u enter a place dimmer or darker, wait 4 a few minutes for your eyes to adjust!  your eyes will indeed adjust but depending on how severe ur eye condition is.  If you know you r going from a sunny place to a darker room, use sunglasses!  A reminder which i hardly see websites or doctors telling patient this, DO NOT use sunglasses in shaded and dark room!  sunglasses r just for you to protect urself from UV ray or after operation your eyes need 2 rest!!!  if u constantly use sunglasses all the time, ur pupil will not be able to help u to adjust well!!!  you do not want your eyes to be weaker but just to slow down the process of pigmentosa!  I think parents n teachers told u this b4, dont read in the dark, it will makes ur eye sight bad!!!  in dark room there is just no need for sunglasses!

a new beginning!

baby dont cry!

haha, parents so going 2 hate me!

i told pei shan about this the other day we chatted, it¬†so nice 2 b able to¬†live life like britney.¬† Dont get me wrong!¬† I m so against how she is handling her babies!¬†¬†what do i mean by living like britney!¬† I was just listening 2 madonna’s take a bow!¬† haha my teenage years, i adore madonna, still do, the image of her blonde with a white dress, ah!!!¬† i 1 more white dresses!¬† haha!!¬† it must b so nice to wake up any time u like, do whatever u like, eat, shop, play¬†and end of the day, when u need to do sth, go all out 2 do it!¬† let s just face it, she might not in her best shape but she went all out 4 her album!¬† haha, i like the part she played the paparazzi, everyday exactly the same time, she will bring her babysitter 4 a joy ride and 45 paparazzi cars will trail her!!¬† she ll drive the same route everyday 4 no apparent reasons!!!¬† n yet those ppl trailed her n called her crazy!!!¬† =))¬† being single and young, u just need 2 go all out 4 fun and work!!!

sakit hati

mizam said I ate so little and yet i dont look thin!¬† #-o¬† i told sock hui how i joked with nuha that i 1¬†hv that anorexic look, then sock hui shoot back, u ll never hv that kind of look bcos u r 2 tham chiak! Sarcastic¬† i can see pei shan’s agreeing like siaw lang Tongue out

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