Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


March 2008

haha, i won 2 awards

1) the most populor tutor, which i dont deserve, because i had tutored 2nd n 1st year b4 so more students know me
2) the best assistant lecturer/tutor, which makes me more motivated 2 do more 4 my students
haha, i am charging my camera battery now to take photos of my awards
another accomplishment this year, Press Run 5 km in 30 minutes time!
Those are my ups, and I told myself I need 2 blog down on my downs so I am not so inhuman.
I failed badly disciplining myself doing corrections
Detox seems like a joke
Sometimes I felt so down
haha, i know exercise is good 4 me in every aspect but I am lazy

piang’s rebounce!

I m glad i went 2 the pandan beach yesterday, had a great time with po chan n rosita and of course my students, haha all we did, talked stopped by at lundu, talked somemore, bbq and pig out!  short and nice!  2nit, flora and fauna nit, cant wait 2 wear the new dress mummy got me, of course jogging at 5 and 2moro my weekly 2 hour ballroom dancing, cant wait 2 show the world, piang’s new batik collection specially selected my mummy!

haha I am just a woman

A colleague told me to take extra care of my health and not sleep too late because she said her husband read somewhere, a gynae, which both of them think had similar eye problem like mine, lost his sight out of a sudden but he decided to take up psychology and now is psychologist.  haha, happy ending but I realised sth I took for granted of: my health.  The ophthalmologist in Spore told me to take multivitamins n those supplement which suppose to maintain my health but he also specifically said research had shown those vitamins will slower down the pigmentation but there is really no concrete evidence on that.  I know i m not as cheerful as i used to be but I am trying my best to manage my stress, i realised it was purely because of poor stress management and I would thank Kiang for making me realised that it was stress.  The technique now is to laugh things over (I found the word, ligthen up! Wink).
My parents were away 1 whole week.  Initially, I thought I wont be able to handle it but contraly to what most people will think, suprisingly, I managed it well!  I did the house chores, took care of the babies and most of all took care of myself.  I wanted to detox but failed bad time!  haha, but one thing i realised, i felt physically better because I was doing house chores and took fruits and yogurt on empty stomach.  I actually felt lighter even though the scale numbers didn’t change much.  haha.  So conclusion, I need to exercise more so I m less stressful and I feel healthier!
I was telling ying, that before this, we used to pig out alot but compared to now, even if I ate less but I am still fat!  haha, then like normal ying will reply, if u fat then she ll feel even worse.  =))  but the truth is, we are not fat at all but it’s just this woman thingy that we want to be thinner, haha I am certain, even for Pei Shan, if you were to ask her to put on weight i m certain she doesnt 1 2 b fat like me!  =))  So, as women in the world, haha i know some guys are like that too, we just have to work really hard to change the mentallity television has set 4 us, instead of being thin, we need to aim to be healthy, healthy so we can do all the things we want to do, to be happy, to enjoy food and life!

Vision 2020

I was in a patriotism camp, the speaker said that women need 2 marry rich husband, if the guy is not rich, go earn 2 b rich, the girls make urself pretty, if every1 is rich n pretty, we will reach Vision 2020 very soon!

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