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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


May 2008

Thank you

I kept holding on 2 the slightest hope,
I didnt dare to even stray away,
Then everytime u initiate a chat,
It will bring me back 2 the moment I wrapped my arms around ur waist,
Putting my head on ur beer belly, Tongue out haha, I know u cant remember,
FINALLY 2 hear u say those words last nit
I will move on, Smile
Take good care of urself
Thank you
Friends Forever

Liver Flush: The After Effect

I would say I had quite good bowel movement since I hardly failed to go toilet once a day as long as I can remember and a glass of fruit juice on empty stomach will automautically send me to the toilet.  As soon as I took the 1 dosage, I felt my gas in stomach and tried to hold from going to the toilet, as soon as the 2nd dosage, I cant stand it anymore, off I go to the toilet.  Everything I had that morning, all out, then the process of going 2 the toilet continues, I didnt expect the effect to be so face or even the "stone" starts flushing out until I drank the olive oil and grapefruit.  My mum’s seems to have no effect.  It didnt felt right, the 3rd dosage, i went 2 lay down, it’s really uncomfortable, miserable, I didnt really sleep well, by 3 am I as wide awake, i felt nausea, from then onward, shitting purely water.  then mummy woke me up 5 am 2 drink the 4th dosage, I really wanted to give up already and I vomitted slightly out the oilve oil and grapefruit juice then I felt better, I had the 4the dosage and to my suprise, it felt better after that.  I went back 2 sleep, again waking up to go to the toilet, I realise little round thing on my stools greenish, the same as what my mum described hers.  then the last dosage, wonderful mummy came rushing up with the last dosage and gave it to me while I was in bed.  I drank it and the rest was fine.  More small greenish round sphere on my stools, then I realised, I must hv had shitted out some the 1st time I went 2 the toilet after the 2nd dosage.  after that everything seems alright the whole day, I had milo, kueh tiaw soup, with barley, secret recipe, beef meatball spagethi, lamb stew, mango delight, fruit punch, donuts, diff kinds and potato Smile

Feel Good???

After eating raw food 4 4days and the myths of eating fruits n vege will give you clear n radiant skin n slimmer body busted!  Mayb you need to b vegan 4 21 days like Oprah then all these will take effect!  I have nothing against vegan because they r animal friendly ppl and some 4 medical purposes.  4 me why deprive urself from good food?  I felt cold the pass few days, obviously deprive of food and I love warm food!  the idea of a warm chicken chop with black pepper sauce, wah!!!  my stomach, poor thing, it hollow inside and it’s not a good feeling bcos from outside u can still see the layer of thick skin.  ok, my colleageu been telling me my tiredness was due to stress so I wont say about my shoulder pain.  After all the things I had tested (hehe, yes I love torturing myself), I still believe in alternative medicine but I am also a strong believer of Science (haha, nope I had nothing 2 do with sciencetology, if i got the spelling right).  Like blood circulation 4 example, you need massage to help your blood flow better but when it comes to serious thing like blood clog you need 2 go surgery 2 blow it out.  haha, I m putiting this because I 1 2 go massage next tweek.  1 thing remains, alternative or not, I still believe in eating right and exercise right.  Stupid this may sound, I had been enlighten.
i m always like that, I ll try sth out, just because I am curious, then!!!  I start to question.  Haha, idiots learn from their own mistakes, smart ass learn from others’.  Epsom salts had been discovered in 1600s and only be known to be toxicity in the 1800s and fatal many2 years later.  Ta jia said if under the right dosage should be alright but how about the effect on other organs?  Especially my eyes.  If it can flush out stones and bile, what other things can they flush out?  It’s like chemo can kill cancerous cells so does good cells!  Then even if the stones did flush out, are they really stones and bile?  Are they suppose 2 b in my body or are they suppose 2 b flush out?  The sites I went through are quite misleading.  They did said that some findings found that this is not stones/biles but just merely soft complexes of mineral, olive oil and lemon juice, which was what been drank!  hahahaahaha.  The the sites were so smart as to say, no death was reported.  What type of scientific explanation is this??!!!  Being a researcher, is intolerable.  haha, if kc do read this, hehe, I know he ll say his right n he is the best Tongue out  In order 2 fulfil my curiousity Open-mouthed and since I have come this far, I am going to go on with it 2day, after 2moro, yeah!!!  can eat liaw!  hopefullly Thinking

4th day of Bowel Cleanse

it should hv been bowel cleanse 2moro then liver flush, i woke up now feeling like the 1st day, restless,  I think i still do better with teh c!!!  I hope my energy level will pick up, 1 myth busted, u ll slim down if u just eat fruits n raw veges,  haha, so not true!  I had lots n lots of fruits!!!  mummy conclusion is right, u need 2 starve urself then u ll lose weight, if u stomach remains 2 b full, regardless of what, will still give u calories, ;)) mayb she s hinting 2 me I ate 2 much of her fruits!!!  looking 4ward 2 liver flush 2moro

3rd Day of Liver Flush

2day felt so much better than yesterday!  really feels good Smile  my colleague said my shoulder pain was due to stress but I was still able to make jokes n things like that, so I guess it must b lack of exercise and sleep!  contrary to most writings, you do not get clear n radiant skin after 3 days of eating only fruits, my face now is filled with black heads n small pimples!!  I checked on my colleague that gave me this recipe, her face too was not clear n radiant.  let’s just hope the liver flush was successful and get ride of the stones
it’s only the 3rd day, caffeine effect seems 2 b gone, it’s 11 n I am still wide awake. or else i ll normally hv tea after meal 2 keep me awake

2nd day of Liver Flush

Last nit b4 I went 2 sleep, I did felt thirsty, I drank a little bit before heading 2 bed.  I woke up feeling better bcos I didnt sleep enough the day b4 but I still felt the heaviness on my shoulder, slight headache, in quite high spirit!  I ll try 2 drink more

1st day of Liver Flush

i 1 2 eat pizza!!!  warm, melting cheese, i 1 2 eat beef meatball spagheti, i 1 2 go secret recipe, i 1 2 eat mango delight, wah! so nice if i can eat chicken sandiwich with tomato, i 1 2 eat baked mesh potatos with cheese!

Happy Wesak Day

2day is Wesak Day!  =)) nope, I ve never been a holy person n dont think we ll b but this post is about Xin fu jiu jai ni yen chian (haha, like normal, in case my pinyin sucks! joy is is just right in front of you) I woke up in the morning, 1st thing, i hug mummy, haha the next thing applied Rainfly on daddy’s car.  then off daddy, mummy n I to bath buddha, then the 3 of us had brunch n off I went 2 pick nb, yi ling, ai wei n alfred, all my dear friends.  We ate vegetarian food!  after tat they accompanied me 2 shop 4 mummy’s new hp and home I am.  mummy cooked fried fish, chicken soup n salted vege.  yeah!

suprisingly this comes from nb

if there’s no yesterday,
there will be no today
let it be

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