Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


June 2008

my birthday!!!

haha i must hv the most wonderful friends, even b4 my birthday ai wei, sock hui n nb already promised 2 go bali with me.  Mek, as usual nv failed 2 organize nb n I’s bdays!  with jayden, ying whole family. shane, lee ching whole family, seng n daph!  hehe, of course my beloved pei shan.  n the superb ai wei!!!!!  actually cooked nb n I bday dinner!!!  I even brought my bro along!  can u blieve it she cooked macaroni with beef, lamb chop and fried popia and made lemon pudding top with peaches n peach tea.  in paper cup, she placed candle!  she even let each of us brought 2 back!  love u so guys so much.  my colleagues them bought me back 2 office after my workshop and walah!  a secret recipe cheesecake on my table!  last nit, mummy n daddy brought popo and even bro 2 dinner and mak ee gave me ang pau.  bt i m hoping 4 1 more person 2 bring me bday dinner after I come back from bali Smile

this is part of my nerd series!

i m now attending semantic tech and web workshop.  the spearker, Dr Sheng-Chuan.  he was borned in hk, raised in taiwan, did his phd in the states and now travelling between often betwn states n europe 2 work.  how he ended in msia working with mimos on semantic tech.  Dr Sheng-Chuan: we go 2 school to learn how 2 learn!  he was talking on how msia is very different from other counter in the sense that we r liberal islamic country.  It is quite impossible for any country in the world 2 copycat another silicon valley


Back 2 euro!  2day’s game i wasnt a fan of the dutch neither nor the russian so the result didnt matter but 2nit!!!  espanol!!!  dont dissappoint me!!!

piang already reached a level, really lau kui!!!

=)) i  cannot stop laughing even till now, guess what this time piang did??!!!  i even cancelled my jogin, and told cindy, chat with her later, i go pan leng2, i hv wedding dinner!  My parents had another dinner 2 last nit.  all dressed-up, daddy dropped me off and I felt wrong!  i really2 felt wrong.  i saw on the display board was another wedding reception, so I asked the receptionist at the counter, 2day only 1 wedding is it?  they replied, yes, only 1.  OH SHIT!!!  i even called my friend, the 1 "supposed" 2 b hv wedding dinner, she was like ping2, ming thian!!!  Embarrassed she even asked u, u r there already is it??!!!  =)) beh tahan with myself!  so i called nb 2 rescue me since mummy n daddy hvg dinner, he said he ll close the shop 1st b4 coming 2 pick me, waiting alone at the hotel lobby of a budget hotel really !!!!  every1 was staring at me, somemore i was using a tube, =))  then with all the stories about prostitutes nb told me,  hhahaha, i should hv spoke in mainland chinese accent

big girls dont cry

i might actually misinterpret!
2day started really happiy, alot of things happened 4 a reason Smile  haha u hv some u lost some.  i hv my sports channels back!  watched the reply of croatia vs turkey.


u can actually watch through it’s really not a streaming thing but it updates all the time, pretty cool, now germany leading 2-0.
it’s 230 am n I am wide awake!  but there is not portugal vs germany 2 watch!  tv3 didnt show 2day n mum cancelled the sports channel, a vey good day indeed! sigh

2day didnt wake up

Salah la, it’s portugal n germany!!  must see!!

i didnt wake up 2day 2 watch euro, 2moro morningla i wake up 4 portugal n croatia

I regretted didnt join the women’s running team.  but i ll start training


on and off i ll watch football, but yesterday, i really2 wanted 2 watch euro, so i did, poland vs croatia, croatia deserves the win.  I am no expert in football but from an average girl’s point of view, netherlands sucks!  now the match netherlands vs romania is on.  cant wait 4 friday morning match, portugal vs croatia!
the thing about me is i cant talk football with my gfs and I 101% dont talk football with my guy friends, haha, 101% certain they dont 1 2 talk 2 me 2 and u can c some of them, obviously they were sleeping and 2 tell them i was awake watching will definately break their ego Tongue out  haha, let’s not do that.  I ll just keep it here.
girls watch football 4 guys, my case so not!  hehe, my definition of guy is like prof. jun’ichi, guys with brains!  n I know a few of girls that watch football NOT bcos of guys!

piang’s holiday philosophy

1) 4get about work
2) enjoy urself
3) b free

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