when we arrived it was quite dark already, so I can really c what’s around.  we stayed at vira bali hotel, from my research, at nit Pasar Senggol is opened, so off we go, the tourist guide told us not to go there because you ll get stomach upset but we were determine that it is some gimmick 2 deter us from enjoying local food.  Our initial target was nasi campur but when we asked the stall they dont seems to have but later we realised it must b another stall.  When the menu came, mostly in bahasa bali and direct hokkien translation.  haha, they do hv english menu.  I had mee goreng, 2 me it’s like fried maggi mee, nb had nasi goreng special, ai wei bak ee soup, sock hui had mee goreng special.  the nasi goreng was nice, while the rest are common.  After dinner as we were walking away from the pasar, we saw apam balik but with coconut n green bean.  I like the 1 with coconut.  it’s really safe to walk at nit at bali even if past 12.  the ppl there basically are very hardworking, they will open shops quite early and close quite late.  They are multi talented, from being artist, to teaching diving, tourist guide.  When u r there, you must dare to bargain!  The things there are really cheap and nice.  I saw a bali wind chime but the shop was closed so I couldnt get 4 yi ling! Sad  We also passed by a lace shop, which was closed to, I actually saw a dress there I like.  Nb n Ai wei r really good at bargaining they got us really good deal for the 2nd day tour guide. 
The tourist guide did brought us 2 tourists shops but at the pasar Ubud, u will get exactly the same things only that u can bargain 50% discount of the price and in rupiah, the tourist spots are all in USD.  We went 2 the batik making place and silver crafting places.  if u r interested in how those things r made, u can visit those tourist places that actually has really nice bali architechture building.  Along the road, you can see lots of stone cravings.  By noon, we reached ubud.  Every1 that goes 2 bali must go 2 Ubud!  We entered a puri, the king’s palace and happened that they were preparing the cremation ceremony, Raja Ubud passed away.  we didnt enter because we r supposed 2 use sarung but nb bought sarung and went in.  as we were on our way 2 Ibu Oka, that is the place famous for babi guling, we thought it’s another puri, so we entered and started snaping away, we saw ppl sitting at the common area but I thought they r part of the king’s cremation preparation team.  hahahah, then we were told, that is a private house.  We left the house and off we went 2 ibu oka, the place was filled with ppl, u can see the worker carrying out one by 1 the suckling pig.  babi guling is just bbq pig but they added sauce – bali style with long beans and "lap chiong".  Then we wanted 2 go eat bebek but we were "lost" in the pasar ubud.  hahaaaa.  then finally when our tourist guide found us, off we go 2 c padee terrace.  All along the road up, you can see more shops selling sourveniers.  Shades are built there so tourists can sit whole day there facing the terrace.  There we met and old man n his dog selling hats made from leaves.  The next destination the volanic mountain, Gunung Agung and lake Batur.  we came out to take photo and wahh…  the place is actually cool like in genting.  The next stop, we went 2 try bali coffee, lemongrass tea, hot chocolate, ginger coffee and ginger tea, all grown in bali.  We wanted 2 rush back 2 Uluwatu/Tanah Lot but the tourist guide said it’s really far but we had not gone to any temples so the nearest temple we went is…  This is really more of a temple then tourist destination, no entrance fee is enforced instead we can give from our hearts.  There is a common bathing area where the devotees cleanse themselves before praying and giving offering to Dewa Indra.  After that we went back 2 our hotel.  The massage is more expensive so we went out again shopping.
The 3rd day, after breakfast ai wei and ngee bang bargained again 4 transport 2 Uluwatu.  4 a temple, they actually enforced entrance fees.  the monkeys snatched my specs and cap!  there this boy near by, exchanged fruits with monkeys 4 my specs n cap!  in exchanged with the boy we had 2 pay him 4 the "monkeys’ food".