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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


October 2008


mizan was complaining about her bra 2 the girls, then being me always walking in front and walking really fast, i didnt know what were they talking about, so i just told mizan, u 1 2 use my scarf? Then she said no need cannot see. then being me again, we just happily having our discussion. Then mizan complained about her bra again, then i asked her why? then she replied, i gatal lo! i used the strapless bra 2 work 2day then it’s really not used! Mizan memang gatal!!! if normally, we would all b in the tutor room and all girls so no prob but now we r hvg discussion with lots of ppl, then i asked her, i m using the bra with the removable straps, u 1 1 side? =))=))=)) then she replied can try! so 2day i actually lend mizan 1 side of my bra straps =))=))=))

Tioman 15102008-20102008

initially, this blog was intended to share my experience as a person with RP condition, I went diving!  I saw:
  • school of baracoda fishes
  • cuttlefishes, I saw it turned colour from white to brown
  • leatherback turtles, I even stroke it gently, hehe
  • crab
  • stingray with blue and yellow ring spots
  • nemos, wah, the reef nemos hit is so nice, soft
  • really beautiful coral reefs
  • shipwreck
  • black n white strips with yellow tip snake, it swam towards my dive master, and he avoided it, i was so scared, the most i can do is duck my head
  • fish like seal face, brown in colour, quite big
  • black tip shark
  • this orange color flowers, many2 more which i cant remember or dontknow how 2 describe
  • manmade reefs, i know it’s 4 preservation but sorry 2 say, not so nice lo

by the time we drove back, Hiew Ming brought up the topic of love, haha, which obviously can c Eddy, avoiding and Linda got all awake.  Conclusion about my trip, it’s partially money that got me there BUT then again even if I have the money, without those friends, without Airbag (yes, my underwater bf), without the agreement of the tioman reef centre, I would have never been allowed to be on those dives at all, again if not because if their support, I dont think I ll even dare 2 go down 4 2nd try!  Thanks especially 2 my underwater bf, Airbag! =))=))=))  Without him, I wil never get 2 dive 2nd time and been 2 so many diff dives and seen so many underater lives.  Thanks to Lin, my diving buddy!  She really know how 2 encourage me 2 go back trying without pressuring me, she has this casualness about the whole diving thingy, really makes me feel no pressure in learning, then she’s SSOO independent!  Most of all, thank you so much to Hiew Ming!  I know the time she invited me to go with her, she already expected, I guess even when I crossed her mind, the first thing, I need 2 b taken care of!  And yet, she put those aside and invited me along to go with her!  =))=))=))  I will always remember about the contact lenses!  Hiew Ming put on the contact lenses 4 me and even removed them 4 me!!!  Of course, Eddy!  I know he wants to laugh, like really2 laugh!  But he put on his macho face, reminded me not 2 be scared!  Thank you very much for the long drives and Open-mouthed for letting 3 leng loi follow him on this diving trip!  Tongue out  Lots and lots of love and Hugs n Kisses to all of you!  NB and TYY, hahaaa, I know the 2 of u were like, that tan ah piang, again!!!  jump out of the water!  I know the 2 of u really wanted me 2 die2, must learn!  Sayang both of u!  Daddy dearest, I know when Hiew Ming told u i was hvg my diving class, u were like!  why didnt tell me earlier but u were really happy 4 me i went 2 learn, mummy u were COOL!!! this time!

On my first dive, I went into the water 4 quite sometime, then I panic!!  I told the diving master, no i dont 1 2 learn anymore, I was SOOO scared!  This really makes me I realised, since I cant c clearly in the dark, I has this fear in me.  I just dont know how 2 describe this fear.  It’s just scared.  I guess it follows me in alot of things I do.  but I have this feeling also, I have this tendency to stick to people, to cling to people, it’s like when my parents went on holidays and i am all alone at home, it’s like i have to start 2 learn to be alone.  but there is also a part of that, I want to learn, I have to learn.  From this experience, I realised, this fear is really part of me, BUT if i m familiar with my surrounding, I can be overcome it.  So!  RP patients, what all of us can do is, when we go 2 new place, or do a new thing, normal ppl will definately be faster, but what we can do is for the 1st time, get 2 familiarise, even if it takes a few times, familiarise, once u r sure, then u can go all out!  Sadly to admit, that fear will always b with us and that’s the only way 2 overcome it! Smile

I dont know if it’s only me but I realised sth very important.  Now it’s quite dark, I think it’s going 2 rain.  I realised I dont fear dark as much as before I dive!  Now I know I can still be "in-controll" even with low visibility underwater, when i m on land, I should be able to control even better!  So, I target now is join a children group with eye prob, check if Acah is willing to be the instructor and try this experiment

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