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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


November 2008

minis are worth it!

Yeah!  Gt 1 childhood dream done and loving it!  It’s a mini tube dress, not really that short but shorter than my normal ones.  My next target, shorter all white mini tube Nerd  hehe, no photos because I didnt slim down so can see all my fat showing =))

little things in life

pei shan said hiew ming recommended her then after watching she recommended me: WALL E.  i remember Prof t’Hoff was saying, a lot of things is about luck, being at the right place at the right time!  Wink  Wall E is one of them.  I really hv no intention of getting the dvd, I was there 2 buy my dress for mek’s wedding, then while walking around, right on the top of the stack was WALL E.  Then I bought it, I mean I bought SSSOO many movies, been given so many too and most of them I never bother to see.  But sth in me that want to see WALL E, haha partly kiasu ba!  pei shan watched already, I must also lo =))=))=))  I have this thinking it’s going 2 b really high level bcos it’s hiew ming!  ;)) just in case hiaw2 piang kiasu hoh then still lazy doesnt want to use her brain =)) i just let the cartoon played on while i did formating.  The more I see WALL E the more I liked it.  It’s so cute!  It’s so pure.  How this little robot just wants to be friend.  how i wish all friendships are like that.  I remembered during Pn Afifah’s theatre class, every theatre we had seen, we are supposed to write a synopsis, how we felt, what each of the characters represent, what era, how it relates to the current going ons of that era, the props, costumes, music, directorial, the acting, the scripts, history behind the play, what the play supports, cultural impact, artistic value
the only time i did this was in Pn Afifah’s class and that was like 5-6 years ago.  for the love of WALL E, here we go!  WALL E is a futuristic cartoon but! it was created in this era, our time.  WALL E is a trash collector robot repeatedly doing what he is doing but at the same time, enjoying the little things.  It’s reflected when he played with the cockroach, haha, how he enjoyed being tickle by the cockroach, he showed Eve the bulb, those movies, the cubic puzzle, the music, the dancing, how he decorated eve with sparkling bulbs, that is just purely cute!!! how he fix his own eyes, haha.  The ever so sweet, holding hands!  ah…
In today’s society, we have lots of people like WALL E, including myself.  We repeatedly doing what we do everyday, assuming we are doing sth because we have to do sth in life.  Even if it’s useful or useless, Wall E remained to sort the rubbish, piling it up nicely.
Then came along Eve.  Eve really represents the women of this era.  We are brought up to be strong, independent, pretty and yet follow instructions!  haha, yes i think Eve is pretty compared 2 WALL E.  WALL E is cute but Eve is pretty.
The condition of the earth at that time, really reflects the effect how when we didnt treat the environment properly now.  On the cleanliness part, earth was programmed into robots as foreign contamination!  haha, how many parents nowadays actually let their children run free, play with dirt?
The obesity and lazy society.  How we try 2 make everything instant, how everything is invented 2 make us lazier.
The whole concept of children.  We just breed babies like we are breeding chicken, or cow or any animal.
The lack of face to face interactions, i dont know how many of you did this, you want to say sth to this certain person, you meet this person face 2 face but you tell urself, wait, I ll tell the person when I meet the person online!
Little things like staring at the sky, looking at the stars, the things that are right in front of us.
I dont know her name but her first instinct was to rescue the babies, maternal instinct.
I dont consider this as little thing in life but a big 1 indeed.  Going back home.  They had such a good life in space but there is this urge to go back to earth even though the reality of earth is ugly.  I dont know how many of u hv this feeling, no matter how good life is out there or even how bad it is, there is no place like home.
haha, yes I even seen till the part where the the list of crews are out.  They showed things like when they dug the soil and water started floating out, teaching children about plant, etc.  To re-discover the little things again!
During the keynote lecture by Prof t’Hoff, the audience asked him, how to win a nobel prize?  He gave and excellent answer.  It’s not about winning a nobel prize but more of like enjoying what you do, discover little things, stumbled upon things that people never knew, making science fun.  Smile

medical records

hehe, I openly admit i am a nerd n I love being one! =D  hehe, I love my geeky specs Nerd and my Advance Grammar book!  last week seminar series, Dr Lee gave talk on Medical Records, No it’s not KC, quote and unqoute KC "I know nothing except cut ppl".  I think it’s more of like he only knows how to slaughter ppl.  =))=))  I am not sure if Dr Lee is a medical doctor but what the talk is all about, traditionally but this is still very much practised all around the world even in so called 1st world countries.  Basically, as a patient, when we see a doctor and when we are required to see another doctor, the first doctor would write to the second doctor or call the 2nd doctor, of course with the current technology, using what ever form of communication.  Now, what happened when a doctor wants to compare the medical records of previous patients with similar problem?  How should these medical records be kept?  How do you compare those medical records?  Compare Xray images?  How about diagnosis of the previous case?  How about comparison with the current diagnosis and the previous ones?  Their solution was to create medical record standards.  He presented a whole lot of standards, from simple text to XML and even to ontologies.  But that’s it he stopped there.  There is no two patients with exactly the same problem, same condition, some diagnosis, same situation, if the medical records are just meant to be match the closes case, who is to determine the standards are right or obsolete or even the closest match?  There are questions like, standards, american standard, uk standard, then how about those poorer hospitals?  If there are so many standards, you still cant really compare between medical records.  I hope i ll be able to ask these questions to Dr Lee on next week join seminar series.  met Dr Wu, I asked him about ontology for medical records.  He asked me to check out University of Texas.
Now, Sarawak General Hospital style of medical record.  Yi Ling requested for me to take my eyes medical record so she can show a friend’s uncle, who is an opthalmologist.  Honestly speaking, I didnt really want to go to take because let’s just admit, after the medical checkup in Singapore, nothing much can be done because it’s very simple, it’s genetics.  Then yi ling was like "Why give up so fast??!!"  So, off I went 2 SGH, the 1st time no parking, finally the 2nd attempt I found a parking space, that is another lau kui story!  nvm, I went 2 the record department and I was there like 5-10 minutes to 8.  So I decided to find a seat and wait then I saw nurses going out of the room, so I knocked at the door and asked the lady, politely because I understand ppl do not like to work outside their working hours.  Then wah!  her replied was:  Nak ambil apa?  I can sense her annoyance.  Medical records?  Bigger blow!  Apa?  Rekod tidak boleh dibawa keluar punya.  Then i was like kalau saya perlu ask for 2nd opinion?  She was like tidak boleh, medical record tidak boleh bawa keluar, kalau report boleh.  Then, i was like fine.  then I shall have medical report.  She was still quite unhappy, she was like Untuk apa?  Then i just replied her 2nd opinion.  Then the 1st thing was I asked how long?  Because Yi Ling said her friend’s uncle wont be in Kch here.  Mungkin 4 minggu atau lebih, mungkin juga belum dapat.  Honestly, I can just tell her nvm and walked away BUT there’s this thing i m not satisfied, the silly lady giving me attitude.  She thinks she can chase me away and dont need to do work??  Before this I used to hear that you cant bring your medical records out, then it got me thinking, with her type of attitude, I think nothing move at all!  So sorry, not today!  Open-mouthed  All through the conversation, I was purely myself, all smiles and no anger at all.  I know this sounds weird, I dont consider myself not hvg anger as a problem in my system not even in this situation.  Then she just had to say, Mesti bayar.  Fine with me.  RM40!  Then I ok, bayar di mana, di tempat buat appointment.  That place is actually in another building.  I was telling myself, even if I had to walk 15 minutes, I shall walk, today you shall have work! Open-mouthed  After I paid, I am supposed to bring the receipt back to her, which I did.  Then there was another man, then my turn.  She really like 180 degree change.  She was like kalau tak dapat datang sendiri ambil, boleh sign borang ini suruh orang datang ambil.  Kalau mahu tau sudah siap, boleh call saya, ini nombor saya.  I was like ok!  :-???

i really miss waltz!!!

i ve learned quite alot of things and I dropped quite a lot of things but I would very much want to pick them up again some point of my life. Take waltz as example, I ve always wanted to show ppl but my partner always fail!  He cant make it, he has sth going own, he has 2 do business, his nv ending excuses.  We used 2 say we wanted 2 perform at friend’s wedding and we nv did.  We learned quite a few dances b4 this, like chacha, jive, salsa, and all those went 1/2 way bcos he cant pick up!    I really dont consider myself as prefectionist at all but I have this tendency to make sure  at least it’s presentable.  I know I can be really slow, but I always make sure reach there!  But now it seems quite impossible to waltz again!  I really miss waltz, I hope I ll meet this person that wont mind going to waltz with me!  Go ballroom dancing with me!

hahaaaa, ah ping gets eaten by crocodile

whenever i saw Sharon online, hahaaaa this story must crossed my mind, must blog it down.  Sharon used to be one of Kaizen’s Consultant.  When Sharon came over to kch to work, her bf, Alvin followed her.  That time Alvin just graduated or completed his degree or sth like that.  Then as we were hvg lunch together, they asked me what do I normally do?  That time, chun wei was around so I said diff places to hike.  Then one day while we were online,
Sharon: Ping2, I have sth I want 2 tell u sth, Alvin asked me to tell you
Ping: OK
Sharon: U know how childish Alvin can b right?
Ping: haha
Sharon:  He asked me to tell u, dont go hiking in the jungle, he read in the paper, in Sarawak, ppl get eaten up by crocodile, he scared you go into the jungle and get eaten by crocodile
=))=))=))  this 1 really duck passed by!!!!!

How Jayden came about

=))=))=)) i past by Aloha then i remembered the chicken pies!!!  Jayden, next time when u come back kch, must remember 2 ask your mummy to buy u Aloha chicken pie ok?  Now, now, Piang Yee will tell you how the whole story came about.  Your mummy "volunteered" to bring Abang Chek, Apek Chung, Hui Yee and Piang Yee to the airport as we were off to KK.  That time, ur mummy and daddy were engaged only.  Your mummy requested us to bring Aloha chicken pies for your daddy.  So we were put in-charged of this "precious" parcel.  We had to bring it while your mummy drove us to the airport, then in the flight, we were still taking care of this precious box until on our way from the airport and finally reached Causurina then finally past to your daddy!  But hoh, Abang Chek got sth extra for your daddy also that time!  hmm, I wonder if your Abang Chek still keep those photos?  Ah den hoh u underage, when u big enough u ask your daddy la what are those photos all about Wink  haha, since then, Abang Chek will encourage girls to tapau Aloha chicken pie back for their lovers so fast2 can have Jayden. 
Under the food tester series, if you guys have the chance to try Aloha chicken pie, should try!  it’s nice!

Childhood Dreams

I am currently reading Randy Pausch’s "The Last Lecture"  It’s about living that childhood dreams!
It got me thinking of what I wanted when i was little girl.  I want to ride big bike!  Those racing type!  Before this, only reached till 500cc.  Now they actually reached till 800cc.  Haha, lets not target so high 1st, just get my license 1st.  I really dont think I ll dare to ride on normal road but kch has no tracks!  so pei shan i target go Tokyo ok?  Wah!  Even if not, even if just watch a live Japan GP race will b so cool already!
Another one will be mini skirts!!!  Ok i admit i dont have nice legs but once in a while can right?!!  Ying, fast2 come back liaw, we go shopping 4 mini skirt?  Open-mouthed
I ve been thinking of this for quite sometime.  When I was young, I used to think of making my suroundings a better place for everyone to live.  haha, no I dont think I can save the world or even change the world.  I was thinking of something attainable!  Like simple cleaning the beach campaign, recycling or teaching children with cancer that cant go to normal school.  When i was little, whenever my mum throw away my kittens, I will cry.  As in really, really cry!  Mayb kittens or puppies adoption programme or sth like that.
But most of all, this has nothing to do with childhood, I want to be food tester!  hahaaaaa!!!
here goes:  I saw the Ruffles Potato Chips, Cheddar and Sour Cream ruffles-csc.  I actually dropped Dark Chocolate Tim Tam for that.  It’s dissappointing!  The cheese taste is just not enough, even the taste of potato is not there.  It’s just salty.
Ah steph told me about Mayang Tea or now it’s called Sarawak Tea, then last sunday I found it.  Ok, my tea tastebud is spoilt by boh and tea and those tea leaves that the used in kopitiam!  I must learn to art of tea all over again.
Tom Yamm….  Sunday nit dinner was at Pandan Delight, there really serves the best tom yam I ve tried!  Must TRY!!

logical talk *blink!blink*

=)) while waiting 4 my parents 2 hv their blood test, i saw rabbits at the pet shop!!  the rabbit is brown in colour, really cute le, if only i can let it run free in my garden!


Then it crossed my mind what we said in the car while on our way back from Mersing 2 kl.  I told the rest, ah ying and I ever said, we r like evolving 2 become pig because we wake up, think what 2 eat, then after eat, need 2 think of lunch, then finish lunch think dinner then in  between eat snacks, then sleep.  Then lin was like, can dont use pig or not?  use other animals like goat, cow, rabbit because those animals eats non stop.  Then i told them, my family used 2 keep rabbits as pets.  The rabbit really eats non stop and while eating shitting bo.  Then lin was like yes, rabbit eats non stop, then hiew ming was like ??!!! "but we human dont eat and at the same time shit"  =))=))=))

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