Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


December 2008

I live my life the opposite way round

last sunday, I went to sematan with a bunch of new friends, the oldest being 32 and the youngest 23.  Most of them are fresh grads in their 1st job or just starting their 2nd job.  When I see them, it’s like seeing myself with ah ying and the gang during our younger days all over again!  The outings we went, so happy to overnite at the beach, we ll prepare food, BBQ, shopping 4 junk food.  Wah, how fast time flies.  "Our" time has passed.  Most of us either married, haha, even hv baby and babies soon and some even moved to greener pasture.  haha, they called me auntie!
Yes, Piang Yee cycled the double bicycle but bcos the front is too high, I only got to cycle from behind.  When we were cycling, I kept reminding them, no need to be so fast, no need 2 b kiasu 1, we just enjoy the view, the coconut trees, the view of the sea, cow, kampung houses.  Hahah, then again, being young, they are always screaming, "charge!!!".  It was really scorching hot and our destination target was pretty far, actually it’s a waterfall at kampung pueh.  After more than 30 minutes of cycling, we have not even reached 1/2 of our destination and the idea of cycling back is just really not a happy thing.  So we decided to turn back.  I wanted so badly to cycle again i told them the next day i shall cycle to town.  It didnt happen because it was raining the next day.
We ended at the beach playing ball and kite.  The kite was such a failure, it totally didnt fly at all instead it dropped on the seawater so we had to put it aside.  Then we decided to play wave!  hahaaaa, yes, it’s really2 like me with ah ying them all over again!!!  Piang Yee felt so old, you can really see, being my age and being their age, you can really see, their prespective of life, the things they want, their ambitions.  Marcus, being the youngest is 23.  When the waves were really quite strong and when all of were "charging" towards the wave, Marcus shouted, wo yee ting yao fat chai!  That moment, it really hit me, it’s like kiang, nb, chun wei all over again!  hahhaaaa, the boys were really bad, they will take turns to "dip pig".  Yi Ling was "dip" 3 times, replacing me and Chin Ping!!!  Haha, I saw them coming, I avoided them and ran up the shore!  That nit, we had BBQ, wah!  the chicken wings and fish balls really nice!!!
the next day it was raining, the boys and Alice did went down 2 the beach, all wet because of the rain.  We ended playing cards and who ever that lost, must finish eating the left over BBQ from the previous nit!  hahahaaa, I ate A LOT lo!!!  before we left we went down the beach again and took photos!!!  cant wait to get the photos from Marcus!  I had a wonderful stay with them
All burned and lacked of sleep, I had to try and make myself not "burned" and awake for Ben and Al’s wedding that nit!  hahahaaa!  Ben and Al’s wedding reception is one of the best I had attended  Smile

It’s not what they said, it’s what they do!

haha, 2day i really understand that phrase.  ok, got things I need to do 4 myself!

just weak

I went 4 my body massage. nope it’s not the body massage for the relaxing type but more of like to get rid of the injuries. now whole body really painful le! I told the the massager the injuries i had, then she showed me a few more. Then she told me, you are just weak. Then I asked her what do she meant by i am just weak? Does she meant that not enough vitamins or nutrients? Then she said just weak. Not in the sense of vitamins, she said a lot of aspects in this world can make us weak. I still do not quite get it

wipe ur tears off, we r going 2 party!

haha, I talked about Britney before and I going 2 talk about her again!  YES!!!  I adore Britney, so what?  So what if she made lousy choice of men, so what if she just want to have fun, not to mention bad career moves.  What makes Britney her, is that she always pick herself up and come back!  We are only humans, all of us are bound to make mistakes.  Admitting is just 1 steps but the fact that we are able to pick ourselves up, learn from it and move on!  Most of us will say it is humans’ intelligence that makes humans the stronger species.  But I feel it’s that spirit of picking urself up when u r at ur lowest point that makes us the surviving species!  I feel every1 should hv that spirit!  GO BRITNEY!

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