Time flies really fast.  It’s almost the end of January and Chinese New Year is coming up!  It had been quite pack the past few weeks 4 me and I quite enjoy it actually.  The 1st week, when i posted the previous blog I received an sms from a dear friend.  Yes some of us have officially hit 30 even if not, according to chinese age, we r going 2 hit 30 too!  She complained that she hasnt accomplished much bcos this is not the life that she wanted.  I guess she’s not the only person to have such thought in her mind.  All I want to say is, 3 or not 3 in front of ur age is just a number!  Most of us dont know what we want in life, that’s why we just take whatever that come our way!  Clear ur head and think what you really want.  Tune urself to do what ever you want to do and not being afraid of it!  Age is not ur limit, it’s just an excuse.  It’s never too late to start a business, that’s if it’s what you want to do, take up a new sports, change career…  It’s that very 1st step, do you dare to it?  Jia yu every1!!!