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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


April 2009

The chemistry was CccRAaaziee…

your moves are just not smart.  so sorry…4 being a naughty girl Nerd
friends?…  =D

labuan, kk, kundasang, ranau 10-19 Apri, 2009

There is 2 photos i regretted I didnt take, hiew ming’s toy car and the seafood we had because I hardly have those here.

Lunch in labuan, small husband and I having an ok only chicken rice, which i read from the blog.

Water village in Labuan, there is actually one in kk but we didnt visit that.  We had ais kacang there and hiew ming chatted with a cute 3 year old boy.   I want to change this photo to the 1 hiew ming was eating her ais kacang

The design was placed on it tiles by tiles, i think.  It’s the hotel we stayed in at labuan.   That day, Kiang bought us to eat seafood.  Wah, you should see his eyes lit up when Hiew ming showed she bought a bottle of wine!  It is japanese plum wine.  That nit i think i got drunk.  I only had a really small glass and a bottle of beer bo.  So, while driving back to the hotel, I know Hiew Ming chatting happily away with TNB and once a while TNB screamed TAN AH PIANG, other than that, I thnk I was sleeping  =))  Wo MEi Jui!!!

Botanical garden, Labuan.  The place is big but if only they really maintain it.  There is supposed to be a water slide, then the fruits garden really like not much trees.  TNB showed us siaw angmo jogging at noon time.  We so normal meh go visit botanical garden at that time also ba.  After the garden, Hiew ming took over as driver!!!  She knows how 2 pian small husband also.

I actually like the Chimney.  It’s because of they dont know the reason it was built.  We can only guess…

We drove along the beach, awesome view!!!  hehe, we had satay by the beach side and even saw horses enjoying their meal by the beach.  We visited UMS International Campus too, wah!!!!  On top of the hill and the view from the building is the sea!  The coconut pudding is nice, TNB so tham chiak lo.  He kept asking can finish or not 2?  can finish or not?  then ended up he ate the most =))  Our last stop, Labuan airport.  That must be the shortest flight I ever took!!!  At the airport, we waited at McD.  Hiew Ming was busy replying email through TNB’s Blackberry.  I thought she really busy lo because the keypad somemore so small and didnt pay attention.  So I asked TNB, 1 2 eat ice cream or not?  We share.  Then!!!  Hiew ming said Tan Ah Piang, why you so tham chiak, we had coconut pudding for dessert  Tongue out

Really tired, dizzy after 3 dives but the food was wonderful.   Our dives  =D  our dive master this time is an Englishman named Russ.  He is 44 years old, he told us, he ll be resigning soon and applying to Maldives!!!!  He told us he went to Tango 4 his holiday with his gf, I hvnt google that up yet.

Our road trip begins and the 1st stop, Kinabalu Park.  A simple hike at Kinabalu park, I think climbing to the peak is still the best!  Mayb l ll go 4 mesilau trail 1 day!  🙂

From Kinabalu park, we drove to Kundasang.  hehe, it’s all thrill ride!!!  Hiew Ming overtook everything!  4WD, Busses, lorries, Name it.  Past kundasang, u ll reached mesilau village.  We drove all the way up to mesilau park, yes with Hiew ming’s toy car.  The amazing car.  Past the golf course.  Wah, if i can play golf, I would want to try to play there.  We didnt know if we can "recycled" our kinabalu park tickets.  Walah!!!  We Went through!  hehe.  Then we drove down to Kiram vilage. it was drizzling that time.  Before this, hiew ming found this place in a blog.  Then she posted on the blog for information and contacted the owner of this place.  The owner called back and told her "if he is happy, he ll upgrade us to better room".  When HM told me, I was like,if he happy????  but the 2 of us went to find that place.  =D i m not hiaw la, only HM.  hehe, we went 2 check the room.  the lady there showed us a chalet with 4 beds, bathroom and kitchen and told us RM250 but can discount to RM150.  Then asked us where is our friends?  The same thing happened when we reached X-plorer backpackers in kk.  The owner also asked where is our friend?  Then we told the lady only 2 of us, then she was like, oh, really2 sorry, wrong person.  Then we asked if just 2 beds, she said RM80 but can discount to RM60.  Then HM was like, Tan Ah Piang, helped me decide liaw.  Then I said since the chalet will be taken, so okla, we take the other 1 but if just us, then no lo.  Then off we went to Strawberry Farm to cancel off our bookings.  There the lady was really nice and returned our deposit.  This incident, the 1st time we drove down this bridge, after mesilau to kundasang, toy car skidded quite badly, derailed because toy car to small 4 the track and it was going down the slope.  But HM keng lo.  I think most guys I know also cannot drive like that!!!

The homemade strawberry icecream at the strawberry farm.  The whipped cream, overloaded (not nice at all), the fresh strawberry, super sour.  hehe, but I like the fresh sour strawberry, the ice-cream, I actually liked it.

Off we went and had lunch at Nabula.  Passed Kundasang, reached Ranau, slightly off course, we asked direction to Poring.  Hehe, reached Poring and again, we tried using the Kinabalu park tickets, yeah!!!  we went in!  But at the canopy walked we actually had to pay.  The canopy walk, =))  Hiew ming bullied aunty!!!!  She was running and the lady turned and said, I think she is from mainland china, in mandarin, NONO dont so fast, =))=))=)) i was at the back watching the incident and it was soooooo funny, then this HM didnt 1 2 pass the lady bo, some, trailed her like chasing her, fast2 liaw.  Bad hiew ming.  Once we are out from the walk, off we went 2 the waterfall.  HM already asked, if want to reach the big waterfall needs 3 hour.  that time it’s already 4 i think.  So we rushed to the small waterfall only.

We drove down to Sabah tea plantation about 450 pm.  but the placed closed at 430!!!!  sayang.  We drove back to ranau and had dinner there.  We reached back Kiram Village about 7.  Then both of us were like, why the other chalet bo lang 1???!!!!!  Being Hiew Ming, she so keng, took her shower, then the water heater spoilt, she can still continue her shower 1 bo!!!  after adding warm water, it was still so cold.  Then our hair was wet!  Then HM said she tired liaw, she she just go to sleep.  That place is sssssssoooo quiet till you can hear all the insects sound outside.  I was so scared!!!!  I was like how come the other chalet, bo lang 1??!!!!  Some how or rather i fall a sleep but I woke up once in a while, somemore my bed was next to the window!!!  We woke up 530 to see the sunrise, but my that time, the 1st sunlight was up already but it was still quite dark.  hehe, the 2 of us had cup noodles watching the sunrise.  Cannot really see la because blocked by the mountain.  AIyo, all of u just dont know how romantic it is.

In a mess, hehe, saw our empty cup noodles?

I saw this bouquet of roses at kundasang market.  hehe and I bought 4 myself!  I just love the colours.  Off we went driving down to tamparuli.  We were searching got the shop that sells nice noodle bt we ended up eating at a kopitiam fried mean sian.   All through our drive, I really hv to admit, it was fun!!!  hehe, yes, some part really like roller coaster ride.  The part when we skidded the 2nd time down from the same bridge between mesilau and kundasang, that was scary a little bit but i had confident in hiew ming’s driving.  hehe, yes, I was hvg car sick once in a while but it was thrilling!!!

When we reached KK, both of us decided to go to 1Borneo.  Honestly, it was quite dissappointing.  They said it was the biggest, yes but the 3rd floor was empty.  We ended up eating DABOOM!!! hmm or is it DABOMB!  hahaha, that is how the menu describe the chocolate mud pie with icecream.  There is photo of our dessert, later i ll put together.  What do 2 girls that went on 7 days of holiday do on a Friday afternoon?  They went 2 see Fast and Furiuous 4!!!  The movie after our mount kinabalu drive is really good or else I will be telling you ppl already I was in Fast and Furious 5 =))=))=))  We did stopped by UMS, really big!!!  Ah lin, last time u slimmer is it??!!!

KK is all about food!!!  We went to eat seafood, lots and lots of it.  Beef ngaui chap, yummy, then the ahhh… the nasi lemak at Casuarina, egg tarts.  This is the very bread I am longing for…  another photo i regretted didnt take, this place actually has a board sign using the term "Ruang".  Instead of jalan or lorong, it used "Ruang".

AIyo, this 1 also like that mother.  He was already standing up wanting to grab dont know what, then I took out my camera and said i ll snap, he straight away sat down and put his best smile from a frowning face!!!!  Why so much like that mother???!!!!

I insisted on this photo even though the 2 girls were "shy".  TNB ranked number 1, Ah ying 2nd when it comes to tham chiakness.  She kept telling her husband, Tan Ah Piang never tried yogurt berry.  Then I kept saying nola, I dont want to try.  Then she said very hot, 1 2 share ice cream, then I said no la, got aircon because I was in her room that time.  Then her husband asked her, you want to eat is it???!!!!  then she said she ll share with me.  Thinking
Hiew Ming and I, we both enjoyed the same activities, but we are truely 2 totally different persons.  Before we went in for our 3rd dive, hiew ming was like Tan Ah Piang, must let go of dive master 1.  Honestly, only the 3rd dive was I able to go into the water by myself.  As soon as we are out from the 3rd dive, hiew ming was like, Tan Ah Piang, you got tow truck underwater is it??!!!  Aiyo, she actually lectured all the way from the jetty till the dive shop.  Then i told her I tried, she was like, u let go nt even till 5 minutes.  =)) but the truth is that, no matter what, i think I ll still be this slow and hiew ming will still be her.  We learned to accept each other as we are.  Our 9 days together was really2 enjoyable and fun and memorable.

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