hehe, finally after 2 weeks in melaka i actually went out 2 play.  Thanks 2 hiew ming and linda!!!  what do we do?  what we do best!  eat and get lose =))=))=))

we had
  • millie crepes – must have 1 of this on my bday!
  • chicken rice balls
  • durian cendol
  • cendol
  • satay celup – wah, the calm
  • pineapple tart
  • oyster
  • mussel
  • crabs
  • prawns
  • sotong
  • yes, not forgetting seremban beef noodles, which by that time extremely bloated almost to the leve of drowning =))

We went to puteri hang li poh’s well, which is also called perigi raja, A Famosa, jonker street, portugese village.  Nice simple and delicious trip.