Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


July 2009


hahaha, this funny incident while hiking mount santubong yesterday.  Like normal, the kampung chicken yi ling, will b the 1st up the mountain!  then yang n I catched up, we rested at the hut b4 heading the last league 2 the peak.  Then I was very sure, the guy introduced himself, to all 3 of us as Alex.  I m very sure also he is in the same gang as Chin Ping’s friends.  So oklo, we went on with our hike.  Then when reached the peak, another friend from chin ping’s gang reached 1st, so I asked him, where’s Alex?  before this, Alex told us, he told us he had leg cramp and he was supposed to be same speed as us then but now after his friend catch up, he is no where to be seen.  That friend of his was like huh??!!!!  Who is Alex?  I was like you came with Alex right?  then he was like no, different gang.  I was like ????  nvmla, mayb he too tired cannot remember his friend.  Then when we went down and finally met Alex.  I was like Alex!  u want the muscle reliever cream from yi ling or not?  Every1 was like, who is Alex??!!!  then he told me, you call me this chinese name i really cannot remember.  Then when finally reached the foot of the mountain while waiting for "Alex" n his friends, Chin Ping was like, ???  I know him since school time, also never know his name is Alex.  Then i was like !!! DIE lo, tan ah piang n her sotongness again meh??!!!  then thank goodness, yi ling was like, his name card put Alex ba.  sigh of relieve, tan ah piang still got hope!

there’s gotta 2 b more 2 life!!!

hahhaa, i think 4 now lin n I will temporary halt the topic, from ah lin: "we finish school, found job, married, mayb no children, then die!"  hehe, I know ah lin has found that "drive", that thing that makes her wake up every morning, looking 4ward to it, GO LIN!!!!!!!

Some ppl is their love ones, some ppl is their work, some ppl is money, different ppl will hv that different thing, some of us, are still searching for that "special thing"
aiyo, if me, my work, sure die, everyday come 2 work, eat, chat, hope go home early can go jogging, sure very fast die!!!
children??!!!  aiyo, then everyday facebook, die even faster!!!!
husband??!!!!  lagi die!!!  there never exists such man!!!
hehe, i think i know what is that thing that i m looking forward, dont 1 2 tell u ppl 😛
there is really more 2 life 😉

who you really are???

i set up the quiz how well do you know me?  hahahaa, I did set there if you are free, then take the quiz right???!!!  TQ very much 2 all of u bcos all of u really wanted 2 know, are you ppl part of me.  Yes very, very much indeed.  Let’s just admit, there is a lot of things i dont know about myself even though this is going to be my very last year with the age starting with a 2.  hahhaa bt hoh i really still look young le!  😛

i think i brought this up with pei shan and she said she was like :-??  she said mayb she was replying to other ppl.  hahaha, the issue was if any1 who believes that i m happy all the time obviously dont know me.  I guess she is 1 of the ppl that truely knows me.  i have my sad days bt i ll cheer myself up.  1 of the best way to cheer urself up is be happy, b +ve, bt reality will remained reality.  u thought is ok 2 b nice to every1 bt when ppl starts taking advantage of u and stabbed you bhind.  1 after another time, they took advantage of u.
hehe, ying ever said, this tan ah piang, dont really know how to talk 1.  that i have to admit lo, I always hv problem communicating, i realised i always say the 1st thing that crossed my mind and that ppl that true knows me understand that but what happened to those who dont?  they ll b so hurt and I am really sorry, I really dont mean to hurt any1 at all.
1 of my weirdest habit!  cleaning my room!!!  changing my bedsheet, this 1 i wanted 2 put in the quiz bt pressed enter then jumped 2 the next question and i didnt know how 2 correct that.  I 1 2 go mop my room floor!!!!

An essay for ngee bang’s 30th birthday!

Ngee bang requested that every1 that wished him happy birthday needs to write him an essay.  Yes, boy including u.  So here goes.  Where have i been the past 2 months?  melaka, kch, klia, lcct.  hhahaha.  It was really tough but I had a good time here.  I have wonderful children and I love them a lot.

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