i set up the quiz how well do you know me?  hahahaa, I did set there if you are free, then take the quiz right???!!!  TQ very much 2 all of u bcos all of u really wanted 2 know, are you ppl part of me.  Yes very, very much indeed.  Let’s just admit, there is a lot of things i dont know about myself even though this is going to be my very last year with the age starting with a 2.  hahhaa bt hoh i really still look young le!  😛

i think i brought this up with pei shan and she said she was like :-??  she said mayb she was replying to other ppl.  hahaha, the issue was if any1 who believes that i m happy all the time obviously dont know me.  I guess she is 1 of the ppl that truely knows me.  i have my sad days bt i ll cheer myself up.  1 of the best way to cheer urself up is be happy, b +ve, bt reality will remained reality.  u thought is ok 2 b nice to every1 bt when ppl starts taking advantage of u and stabbed you bhind.  1 after another time, they took advantage of u.
hehe, ying ever said, this tan ah piang, dont really know how to talk 1.  that i have to admit lo, I always hv problem communicating, i realised i always say the 1st thing that crossed my mind and that ppl that true knows me understand that but what happened to those who dont?  they ll b so hurt and I am really sorry, I really dont mean to hurt any1 at all.
1 of my weirdest habit!  cleaning my room!!!  changing my bedsheet, this 1 i wanted 2 put in the quiz bt pressed enter then jumped 2 the next question and i didnt know how 2 correct that.  I 1 2 go mop my room floor!!!!