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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


September 2009

The Great Fall is the Greatest Rise of Love

I think by now all of you know Hiew Ming and I fell down while chasing after bus at Borobudur.  All I can remember is I totally cannot see anything when we reached the terminal.  Then I fell down and of course I was holding to Hiew Ming, so she fell also.  Her fall was really so much worse than mine.  All of you will never believe how strong Hiew Ming is.  I cried and cried and Hiew Ming was bleeding and she totally didnt cry at all!  When we were in the bus, Hiew Ming asked a lot of questions.  But after she has her clear answer, she announced like as if nothing happen: "When we reached Jogja, we ll go see Wayang Kulit."  I think all 3 of us was like ????????  Hiew Ming’s was bleeding that time.

After a certain incident the week before I left KL, it got me thinking, what am I chasing after?  I knew so well Ah Lin will wait for us, I even told Hiew Ming and yet both of us ran to the terminal.  Then that question raise again?  What am I chasing after?  The answer is so simple.  No matter how terrible things were, we continue to chase after that thing because we know even if it is that very little dot of light, we still hope we can reached for it.  Is like we still put the hope that we ll catch that bus!
When we fell down, Ah Lin and Allan came to rescue us.  All along in the bus, Ah Lin continued to negotiate with the bus driver to get us back to the hotel.  Then the amazing part, the fall did not caused us to be unhappy at all, instead I can proudly said that it was a great trip.  Even after Hiew Ming was injured, Ah Lin and Allan took over to bring me when places are dark but and Hiew Ming as well.  Hehe, I didnt let Allan to bring me because hoh I still think Allan is tuko.  =))=))=))
We greatly love each others and truly took care of each others.  Pou Pou Sek Sek

is there such guy?

hahaha, i 1 a man that is good but at the same that is bad, i 1 a man that is funny and at the same time serious, i 1 a guy that enjoy outdoors at the same time loves home, i 1 an outspoken man at the same time reserve, is there a guy that likes to talk and at the same time likes 2 listen 2 me talk, hahhaa, i really do wonder ….

1 of the most valuable thing in life is sisters

i hv tonnes of things 2 do but i must blog this down because it’s really beautiful!  Friday nit, yi ling already is here accompanying me, we went 2 hui sing!  we had fried clam kueh tiaw, pork satay, she had metahon I had a little red and banana fritters.  Then we went 2 boulevard, hahaha, we critised the cloths in the baskets then we left  =))  we shopped and went home.  Then i showed her my plants vs zombies, while she watched her korean flower boys.  Then the next morning, we had clam laksa then we went 2 jackie studio and we actually looked at his collection.  His collection is wonderful!  then we went 2 buy more ingredients 4 our meal that day.  I had wonderful time preparing pizza and mash potatoes, sayang Shane didnt get 2 try!  Alice joined us!  hehe, they said my pizza was nice.  Then we went shopping!!!  I bought a full sport attire, even though 50% and 40% discount still quite expensive le but I am happy, I think I look good in it!  😛  then we came home and showered and off we went 2 Asian Recipe 2 celebrate chin lam n ling’s bday!  the food is wonderful, the cake was nice!  The place was neat!  hahaha, yi ling loved the cake so much!  the photo session was fun 2!  Tell u ppl i did sth very tan ah piang!  i was supposed 2 take photo of yi ling n chim lam, guess what, i pressed the on/off button instead of the snap photo button  =))=)=))  sungguh memalukan masyarakat.

The next day, I jog 8 km!  n straight after that jog!  i had a full packet of korean kimchi instant noodles with meat balls n prawns!  yes!!!  the really big packet 1 n i actually finished everything.  Then yi ling came back from work and off we went 4 another photo session.  We had pork spare parts porridge!!!  it’s so nice!  after that we went 2 waterfront, hehe another photo session!  after that we put mask!!!
Merdeka day, i gv tung2 a bath and I actually tapao 4 popo and mak ee whole family.  hehe, sekali 4 the 2 of us, I got pearl milk tea 4 yi ling and cin cau milk tea, really nice lo.  Then Alice arrived!  off we went i really lost count how many photo session already.  We went 2 ana rais long house and this stream.  All the way, i was really happy 2 see the trees!  I think i was over the top.  On our way back we stopped at Semenggoh but it’s slightly off the feeding time so we didnt went in. so off we went 2 ramadan bazaar!!!  hahhaa, all through, Yi ling was able to complete her 1 dvd of korean flower boy!
I used 2 have all these girl moments with acah, ying, n my heart still got pei shan, ai wei, mizan, nuha, winnie, catherine, aileen, hiew ming, ah lin and now with yi ling and alice!  you just dont know how happy I am.  In my heart i constantly think of my ta jia also!  i love all of u, sisters!  hugs

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