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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


October 2009

Behind the Scenes

Open-mouthed of course it’s about me again!  This is my blog!  hahahaha!  How did all these business of running come about?  It’s from my beloved Ta Jia!  Yes!  Ta Jia is definitely a better runner than I am.  When we were teenagers, she used to run outside the house, hehe, being the kepo sister, ahem.. I followed her.  Then eventually the whole family started running except for Daddy.  hahahaa, you guys know his size, so I think I need to explain that.  My mummy is a runner too.  Last year,  we ran 5 km and at the age of 51, her timing was slightly more than me only.  Paiseh!  Tongue out  Due to her injuries, she can no longer run like she used to be but I am doing my best to get her ankle X-ray and fix the problem so she can run with me again!

Initially, my sis thought, wah!  Not bad le this little sis can complete a marathon, until she realised, it is only 10km =))=))=))  Honestly, even though I can proudly say that I completed 10km in 1H 12Min but the training wasn’t easy!

When I run on the treadmill, I need to have my left knee wrapped!  When you trained most of the time, running on treadmill becomes a boredom.  You need to constantly keep yourself motivated!  On a really bad day,  you still need to train and normally I will push for 5km walking.  When you train so hard and put all your heart into it, treadmill becomes your best friend.

I love this treadmill so much.  When I train, it must be at least 1H 30min, so even if I woke up 5 in the morning to jog, it will still be to dark to run outside and I can only run at 4 pm in the afternoon during public holidays and weekends.  I must time myself to come home in time before it is too dark!  I really dont think I wil be able to complete the 1/4 marathon if not because of my treadmill.  The first time I completed on treadmill 1H 45Min, my legs were numb.  After each training session, all you could think of is hit the fridge and find something to eat.  You just eat and eat non stop!  After the meal, I can’t even sit straight and I am just to tired to do anything else.  Miow Chin ever told me, needs training!  I really understand what she means.  I can imagine those people training for full marathon and I saw Miow Chin’s friend completed Singapore Sundown 84km!!!!  Wah!!!  I really2 salute u!!! 

Hehe, Ta Jia said most of the marathoners are in their mid 30s because they run all their lives!  This really keeps me motivated!  Even though my body can’t push for 1/2 marathon in Novemember but I really2 hope on day, I will be proud to hold my full marathon finisher medal!  Open-mouthed* yeah*yeah* dancing* dancing


October, November, December 2009, Redifining Slowing Down…

After the run, I felt fine, I didn’t sleep like pig after that instead I was on nurturing myself mode: Water!!!  I took my sweet time showering, then I was still quite up beat sms-ing friends.  By noon, I wanted to take afternoon nap but we ended up at 1Borneo!  Celebrating Ying’s Birthday!  That night, the car sick was terrible!  But I was still in quite good spirit, laughing away with the group’s joke and of course, the wonderful delicious seafood dinner.  The next day, we were early already, with Ying driving, off the 3 of us having breakfast at McD @ KKIA Terminal 1.  hahaha, with no caffeine, I was really upbeat.  I told myself, when we get back to I want to work on my proposal but I ended up sleeping!  Tired….  The rest of the week, I didn’t exercise at all.  I told myself I want to slow down.  I booked for facial on Saturday morning.  On Sunday, feeling all good, off I went to yoga, after 1H30Min I am feeling fine!  I vacuum the interior of kancil, still fine, I washed kancil.  Aiyo!!!  Kancil so leng lui!  Haha, I was still very2 active!  After dinner, I told myself, I want to use the eye moisture I bought from KK.  After that, my goodness, I really can’t move!  Monday, my body was aching till kanasai!!!  =))=))=))  I am no longer 17 years old 😛  After Borneo International Marathon, I kept asking myself, should I go for Penang Bridge run, Penang Bridge is 1/2 Marathon meaning to say, from then onwards I need to train 3H a day!  I really2 want to run but my body is really2 screaming for me to stop!  I want to slow down but there is still so much I can do!  Physically, Penang Bridge is out but I know there is still a lot of things that I want to do before I call it off for 2009.  Gambate!
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