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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


November 2009

Mama cannot help u da pian!

=)) I told pei shan the time we were in kk and ah den cannot da pian, it sounds so funny bt ah den was in so much pain!!!  Ah den didnt da pian 4 a week.  Then he kek so his sai doesnt come out.  Then really beh tang, ying them brought him to see doctor.  Then the next day, he cried n cried in the car, then i somemore laughed at him, is he trying to kek the sai dont come out or kek the sai come out?  Then ah ying was driving, she told ah den, mama cannot help you, you really need to da pian on your own.  Then we told ngee bang, ah den kek sai so it doesnt come out.  Some more this ngee bang go and tell ah den, no need 2 sayang da pian 1.  Cassandra said ah den not bad got mother so sak beh sek.  Then now got aunty laughed him when he cried n cried da pian and hoh this uncle go n tell him no need sayang da pian!!!!!!  I really dont know ah den is how ming meet all these siaw ppl or ku ming??!!!!!

I feel so small

I went to Johor and Singapore to check on my students industrial training.  The first one I visited was in Petronas Saluran Gas Segamat-Kuantan.  The only explanation I can explained I vomited all the way from JB to Segamat is because I wasn’t feeling well??!!!!  The first student presented on what she did.  Generally, yes, I practice such un-structured method, whenever I have a certain file, I just throw it in the server.  When I want to share something, again, I throw it into the server.  When I update certain file that other colleagues need, again, I just simply throw.  hahahaha, then after I put in the server, sometimes I forgot to email out everyone telling them I had shared my file!  Hehe, and I am getting smarter too.  Sometimes I can’t even find my own files that I threw in the server!!!  I am quite impress by what my girls did.  They have no working experience, further more both are not from networking side.  What makes them stand out is the fact that Petronas does not have an IT department so therefore no one to ask or guide them.  So meaning to say, these two girls were basically on their own.  The set up Microsoft Sharepoint, where everything you put in the server, will be update on a user interface.  You can send out emails to update everyone or everyone can just simply log in and view which files had been updated.  What amazes me is the fact that, they had to link MS Sharepoint with Infopath.  This sounds really easy because both are just application of software but is the fact that when they are doing the Infopath, they need to understand the engineering part, which is how the "saluran gas" works, the information generated from it and which information is crucial for the engineers and provide them with those information through a computer system.

The next student that amazed me is the one working in Singapore.  The place he trained is in Biopolis.  This is where the ministry of education is and where all the high tech bio medical buildings are.  The building there he had his training is at the Genome Institute.  Yes, they actually have different buildings for different bio-medical fields.  What is this student doing?  He sat down with Professor of genetics, understand what he is doing and tries to create a visualisation tool for him to view those genes.  And, again is a one man show because he is the only IT guy in the genetics department.  I used to need to learn accounts, loan and HR when I was with Ifca and here he is learning about genes!  haha, I really feel so small.  I had always wanted to do bio-medical informatics and every paper i tried reading, nothing seems to come out and here he is, in less than 3 months, he drew the gene structure, how reaction can effect there genes and how he can represent it in the genome browser.  What I liked about Singapore is the fact that there is so much to learn…

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