I think is was about a year ago I first visited this place called Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Mambong.  You can consider this place a playschool for special children.  Yesterday they had gotong-royong.  So like normal, I hiaw2 went 2 help up at the gotong royong.  The parents n teachers where making lemang so that they can sell in the afternoon to the CMS team who will be there to make flower beds for the children.  I was the first to arrive.  All you need is coconut, bamboo, (the whole) banana leaves, salt, firewoods, rice.  What i enjoyed was they used fully the original way.  One of the man broke the coconuts into two.  While the rice, which had been soaked early, the water is rinsed away.  Since the banana leaves had been put into the bamboo, I tried putting the rice into the bamboo.  You are now supposed to hit the bamboo so the rice will be compact but on hard surface because you do not want the rice to be too compact inside till the coconut milk cannot sip through.  Then when all the ones with the leaves had been filled, the ladies again had to put the banana leaves into bamboo.  How they do it?  Firstly, they cut the leaves on both sides of the blade.  Leaving the blade.  The they cut the blade making it like a chopsticks but only on end is opened.  Then they measured the height of the bamboo, cut the leaves again based on height.  The clipped the leaves in between the blade, roll it.  Then they put the leaves slowly into the bamboo.  The slowly removing the blade out.  Then the using the back end of the blade that is not cut open, they put the blade back into the bamboo with leaves to make sure there is not blockage at all.  Then fill in with rice.  Then the coconut milk, just add salt.  Then put the bamboo near the fire, then pour in the coconut mixed with the salt.  Wait till it is cooked.  You must keep on turning the bamboo so the fire is even and all rice is cooked.  they made pangso chicken too.  But sayang i didnt get to see them make.  but the recipe is to used the potato leaves.  In the afternoon, mizan n I joined the CMS ppl to carry soil to make flower beds.  We finished in time to go see the orang utan at semenggoh.  I brought mizan to 7th mile to buy teh c special and mizan wanted to buy cotton candy!  I tapau McD GCB wah!!!!  So nice because I get to share with my mama n papa