Ping2 on the RUN =D

I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


September 2010

going back to my roots

This year has been a year of experimentations.  I tried assistive technology, software testing, most of all human computer interaction, usability.  I realised I still love what I first started as a researcher – text and documents.  From now onwards, I am going back to my roots!  and of course my number 1 passion, running!  Penang Bridge here I come.  All out till then!  Really hope my healthy doesn’t fail me!  Jia You!

Of course, people that truly knows me knows, I love food!  Since the chicken pox and shingles, I am really worried about my diet!  I really wish I can be like last time, I just eat whatever I like, try everything!  Pig and Pig!

maybe my genes instructed itself to go against the food I always eat too

hahaha, genetically, my body instructed my eye cells to die.  Before this, I knew that I have allergic towards jelly fish about 5 or more year back.  When I was little, jelly fish used to be my favourite food.  My mum will prepare the food every week for me to eat.  This year, my body reacted again to food.  I was down with chicken pox with is normal I think.  But when shingles attacked, I am supposed to be vegetarian for a week but when I took pork, the shingles, was back.  So now I am still a vegetarian.  My favourites like chicken rice, half boiled eggs.  Sigh, all seems like impossible food.  Maybe my body instructed it to go against any protein that I ate?  I started to think about this because KC said if I were in Singapore, at my age, if I am diagnosed with shingles, they would have tested me for HIV.  Even though he meant it as a joke because I actually know 3 persons below the age of 25 years old that had shingles before.  As I searched further about shingles and other diseases, I came across a blog, how he was doing chemo and due to this, his immune system dropped and he had shingles.  This really got me thinking because previously, I read that RP was related to other diseases or more of like syndrome – A genetic disorder.  RP patients are genetically mutated.  In some cases are linked to a lot of problems like hearing because similar to the eye cells instructed to die, same goes for hearing …  I know something is not right with my genes but can this lead to something more severe?  So far I have not experience any hearing problem.

Being vegetarian, in a way is good because I ate to much junk!  I kill less animals and I get to detox!!!  🙂

I am currently taking Blackmore beta carotene, lutein vizion plus with added Selenium and Biogrow Optibrite 5 in 1: Marigold, Bilberry, Lycium, Eyebright, Dunaliella Salina.  I take 1 tablet each of the combinations.  I feel this combination is good for me.  I remembered I went shopping with Ying before she was married at the pharmacy at Sarawak Plaza.  She insisted I took other supplements for my eyes.  I am really glad I took the advice! =D

hehe, I want to blog down my trip to Singapore

I always love Singapore.  It wasn’t a plan trip.  Due to the the cancellation of Krabi trip, so I decided to head some where and Lin said Singapore.  Walah, they is where we are heading!  hahaha.  I had lots of Japanese food.  I really like Japanese.  I took Tiger Airways for the first time, it delayed!  I was really tired because the night before was the closing ceremony of Infosys batch-4.  The whole week was just tiring!  I arrived earlier than Ah Lin.  hehe, being the 100% Kuching girl, a little sakai and in a big city!  The first thing is to go to town.  I sat the airport for quite sometime, eating my lunch, aiya I forgot the name of the stall.  I had …I forgot liaw!  hahaaaaaaa, I asked around how to get to the MRT station.  Off I went to take the free ride to MRT station!  I know exactly which stop, Novena!  Hahaha!  I was really like katak di bawah tempurung and I am really happy and proud about being a kampung girl in the city!  I asked the person at the MRT station, how do I get to Value Thompson hotel?  He asked me do I mind walking?  I am the Kuching girl on the Loose!  Of course not!!!!!  hehe, I walked and walked but I think I am lost!  I asked the people around.  Then one of the guy, showed me his hp with GPS!  Long Piak!  I got GPS on my phone!  =D  Yeah!  finally reached hotel after walking one big round!  The hotel is really simple and neat.  I showered and dressed up all nicely waiting for Ah Lin to arrive.  Hahaha, I lazy blog liaw but the food I remembered, the laksa Singapore, is just a few shops from the hotel!

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