I decided instead of blogging down funny stories, I would blog on sweet stories too. My mum never work before and all her life, she has been a housewife.  A good one indeed.  My dad gives her money to buy things.  This particular incident, they wanted to buy peanut sweets.  This particular coffee shop is always packed with customers so my dad gave my mum money and asked her to go down and buy while he waited in the car.  My mum only bought a pack which cost a few RM and some cents.  The owner returned her a few  cents and a few ringgit.  When she entered the car, like normal she ll return the change to her husband.  Then the husband asked her how many did you bought?  She answered one.  He was like huh???  How come they only return you this change?  Then my mum was blur2.  Then my dad was like how come you didn’t check how mum they returned you?  Then she replied, you gave me such a big note.  Very hard for me to count.  After that incident, my mum came home and complained to me.  Then!!!!!!!  A week later, my mum said after the incident, my dad actually changed RM10 notes as much RM300 to give her so it is easier for her bring out and even if people want to cheat her, the amount will be smaller.