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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


March 2011

Fish Porridge at Yeow Kee Kopitiam

What so nice?  The porridge taste, fresh fish, comes with black beans separately for you to go with the porridge.  The location: 101 Premier, Kuching


Running @ 13 degree celsius

I went for my first ever marathon outside of Malaysia: 2011 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.  hehe,  once I confirmed with the organisers that I can register in person, I have my partner in crime, hehe, Ah Lin!!!!!!!  to accompany me to HK.  I did not get to register for the 1/2 marathon category that I wanted but I ended joining 10 km challenge.  But I learned very valuable lesson from this run!  hehe, when a door closes, a window opens 😀  When I decided to run for HK marathon, I was very sure it will be spring already and things will not be that cold.  I was in HK a few years back in early January, and that was winter time.  So I thought it will be after Chinese New Year, meaning to say it will be spring already, I was so wrong!  Imagine my shocked needing to run at 13 degree Celsius!!!  The run must go on…:D  Ah Lin woke up 330 am with me and accompanied me outside the Queens Victoria park.  To my surprise, HK was “alive” at this hour of the day.  Ah Lin had a shocked when she saw so many of “Ah Ping” all dressed up going for a run at this hour of the day and at the weather 😀  10km have a different starting points compared to 1/2 and full marathon.  She will be even more surprise if she saw those running longer routes!!! 😀  Special thanks go to Ah Lin for this run!!!!!  Love you and hugs!

I am really glad that I only signed up for 10km.  I really learned a lot of valuable lessons as I had never run in colder places (to be exact, never lower than 25 degree Celsius).  I used to wonder why would men run in long tights?  I do not mean to be sexist but honestly men look sissy in long tights and tights are well known to be bad for manhood?  I finally understand after the run.  The wind strong, unlike running in Malaysia.  Especially running uphill and the winter wind is blowing, that is quite a challenge!  The tights will really do good, preventing the wind and fighting against it.

Second lesson, I actually has a running singlet with netting on it.  I used to think it the net was there to make it looks nice until I saw a lady running in front of me, she actually placed a body warming patch in between the netting and the singlet.  Then I understand the usage!  Pei Shan told me to use that if it was really cold.

During the start of the run, there was a big area of runners to warm up.  They were into heavy warming up.  I used to think, why need to warm up till so heavy, just so that later on, you will not be having energy to run?  I was late for the run, so I did not have the time to have proper warm up because if I did, I will be disqualified from the run already.  I tried pushing myself, no matter how hard, my body just won’t “wake” up!  At Penang Bridge, it was pouring and I could speed!!!!!!!  HK marathon, even after passing 5km, my body is still “sleeping”.

When you run in Malaysia, you are so happy to see water stop!  Cold 100 plus!  When you are running at 13 degree Celsius, when you see water stop, the water is at “Room temperature”!!!!!!!!!  The wind is blowing and the cold drinks just won’t help!!!!!  Cold Milo is so wonderful back at home after a run!  I remembered Hiew Ming and I queuing up for our cold Milo even after only 3km of walk!  You just do not look forward to cold drinks after running outdoor on cold weather!

Straight after the 10km run, it drizzle!  Another reason why I am glad, I took the 10km challenge and not 1/2 marathon!  Then I used to think, why do jacket comes with hood?  Finally I understand, running in winter will consistently have showers.  Just put the jacket on, pull the hood up, the run must go on!

At the end of the run, we are all given bananas, finely selected from premium Del Monte, pears, drinks but they are all cold!  After the run, I was looking all up and down to drop my running chips, the place was really crowded with people.  I was hard to find toilets.  By far, Borneo and Penang Bridge runs are still nicer!  Is far more cheaper, I really do mean cheap and actually are better organised.  For this, Malaysia Boleh!  😀

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