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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


August 2015

In search of that balance

I have my own idea of eating healthily, I believe balance is the key but I am still quite far from being ideal “eater”.  I can still retained an amount of vision is partially due to my diet.

My weaknesses:

  • the way I snack, I brought my mandarin oranges and avocados but instead I snack on dark chocolate, which is actually not so bad but the sugar is and the worse one so far today is rice crackers with tonnes of salt.
  • My caffeine intake is 2 high!  I am trying to have just a cup of coffee a day follow by the day with tea, in hand I have ginger, white and green tea and of course black tea.
  • I have this habit of reading in the dark, which I am working to stop it

The past 2 years, what I usually have for:

  • Breakfast (Mixed and match two of those)

bread, peanut butter and jam, half-boiled eggs, garlic bread, orange, banana, avocado, oat with milk, nuts and cereals, with chia seed, a glass of warm lemon water, recently I discovered hummus and fresh salad vege on bread

  • Lunch

Sushi, rice, fried tomyum vermicelli, chicken, wraps, beef, pasta, I always try to add fresh veges to my meal

  • Dinner

Noodles, seafood, soup, similar to Lunch, as I will cook for dinner then packed for lunch

  • Snack

Greek yogurt, rice crackers, chocolates, wafer

My ultimate goal, easy to prepare, delicious and healthy balanced diet.  I will try find time, upload a few photos of the food I prepared to give motivation to ppl to prepare easy delicious meal!  Do I eat out?  Of course, my choices are normally those food I can’t prepare or too complicated like pie, nasi lemak, etc.

Never ever stop yourself from eating anything!  The key is moderation!  Want that ice-cream, go for it but just a scoop will do!  😀

Currently I do 50 mins yoga once a week which include 5 mins meditation, run 2-3 times a week about 6 kms per run.  I try to sleep at 9.30 pm and wake up at 6 am.  In the morning, 4 times a week a 5 mins glut and tummy workout.  I read constantly, so what is lacking may be I need more entertainment, kakakaka

Remember, RP is a disease which instruct your eye cells to “die”, living healthily do not change that but I believe it slows down the process, hey!  practicing balance do make you look “younger” 😛  Is not easy to find that balance, you have to be strong to make that choice!


Black or blue?

I am glad that I found out I have RP at 26 years old, is a good age!  You are mature enough and is still not too late!  Why I decided to use this blog again, because I read about RP where you slowly losing your colour.  I was trying to pick a piece to wear like every other morning, then I realised I have a black singlet?  That is when I realised, I m losing my colour.  Is good that you read about the disease so you won’t get “shocked”.  Because I am diagnosed at an “earlier” stage, I am more well prepared for it!  Imagine waking up and suddenly you can’t differentiate black and blue!  and the blurry vision looking at the computer while all your life you have been using the computer.  So, the lesson here, if you feel you something wrong with your vision, go for an eye checkup.  Although no cure, at least you can learn from it and be more prepared.

A reminder to myself to read more about the latest discovery in RP!

So 1 of things I am really grateful for!  I love white, pink, orange, all the bright colours!  Hahahah

Running in the Rain

Before I left to do my PhD, I went for an eye checkup and told my doctor that I am leaving to Melbourne to do my PhD.  She told me I really have the courage, despite all these.   Yes, I am going blind, my eye sight deteriorating but I still want learn, I want to learn how to do research, if I can contribute to the society after that, that will be additional reward!  I am not good at at at all till I feel doing a PhD is  like Running in the Rain:

In reality, I do not run in the rain, unless I am half way running and it rains.  I do run when it is freezing cold.  Here I am in a foreign country, I have leave home before, is so uncomfortable that uncomfortable is the only feeling you can remember!  You fail again and again but failure gives u room to climb up and start again.  Determine enough to learn!

Hanoi, I didn’t run, I walked, I listened and I saw

Poverty, not only changing the people but also changing the whole system

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