I am glad that I found out I have RP at 26 years old, is a good age!  You are mature enough and is still not too late!  Why I decided to use this blog again, because I read about RP where you slowly losing your colour.  I was trying to pick a piece to wear like every other morning, then I realised I have a black singlet?  That is when I realised, I m losing my colour.  Is good that you read about the disease so you won’t get “shocked”.  Because I am diagnosed at an “earlier” stage, I am more well prepared for it!  Imagine waking up and suddenly you can’t differentiate black and blue!  and the blurry vision looking at the computer while all your life you have been using the computer.  So, the lesson here, if you feel you something wrong with your vision, go for an eye checkup.  Although no cure, at least you can learn from it and be more prepared.

A reminder to myself to read more about the latest discovery in RP!

So 1 of things I am really grateful for!  I love white, pink, orange, all the bright colours!  Hahahah