I have my own idea of eating healthily, I believe balance is the key but I am still quite far from being ideal “eater”.  I can still retained an amount of vision is partially due to my diet.

My weaknesses:

  • the way I snack, I brought my mandarin oranges and avocados but instead I snack on dark chocolate, which is actually not so bad but the sugar is and the worse one so far today is rice crackers with tonnes of salt.
  • My caffeine intake is 2 high!  I am trying to have just a cup of coffee a day follow by the day with tea, in hand I have ginger, white and green tea and of course black tea.
  • I have this habit of reading in the dark, which I am working to stop it

The past 2 years, what I usually have for:

  • Breakfast (Mixed and match two of those)

bread, peanut butter and jam, half-boiled eggs, garlic bread, orange, banana, avocado, oat with milk, nuts and cereals, with chia seed, a glass of warm lemon water, recently I discovered hummus and fresh salad vege on bread

  • Lunch

Sushi, rice, fried tomyum vermicelli, chicken, wraps, beef, pasta, I always try to add fresh veges to my meal

  • Dinner

Noodles, seafood, soup, similar to Lunch, as I will cook for dinner then packed for lunch

  • Snack

Greek yogurt, rice crackers, chocolates, wafer

My ultimate goal, easy to prepare, delicious and healthy balanced diet.  I will try find time, upload a few photos of the food I prepared to give motivation to ppl to prepare easy delicious meal!  Do I eat out?  Of course, my choices are normally those food I can’t prepare or too complicated like pie, nasi lemak, etc.

Never ever stop yourself from eating anything!  The key is moderation!  Want that ice-cream, go for it but just a scoop will do!  😀

Currently I do 50 mins yoga once a week which include 5 mins meditation, run 2-3 times a week about 6 kms per run.  I try to sleep at 9.30 pm and wake up at 6 am.  In the morning, 4 times a week a 5 mins glut and tummy workout.  I read constantly, so what is lacking may be I need more entertainment, kakakaka

Remember, RP is a disease which instruct your eye cells to “die”, living healthily do not change that but I believe it slows down the process, hey!  practicing balance do make you look “younger” 😛  Is not easy to find that balance, you have to be strong to make that choice!