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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


January 2016

Yogurt, Lime and Cilantro Chicken with Veggies

Go buy a bunch of coriander from the grocery, harvest it and plant.

The harvested coriander leaves, or cilantro, try this recipe.

My aim is to use as many natural ingredients, “recycle” and the recipe has to be easy and delicious: 1 pot wonder, less washing!

Modify from:

The modifications:

  1. I used Greek Yogurt instead
  2. Cut the potatoes, carrot, green beans, red onion and tomatoes, squeeze in lime and sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper.
  3. Put the marinated chicken on top of the veges and bake.

All ingredients are natural except salt and yogurt!


Your Genes are Special!

Why is it so hard to cure rare disease?  Because it is Rare!  😀  When you know you have rare disease, don’t be shy!  I have searched, time and again, till I came across this research group that work on eye genetics problem.  And today is it!  I am donating my “gene” for research purposes. #RPAwareness

Why is this important?

No sample means no research, means never ever a cure!  There are two approaches: one taking tissue sample while the other, taking blood sample, which I did both.  If the same sample but uses different approaches, comparison can be made; which is more accurate or which approach is faster, etc.

How does it work?

Am I nervous?  Of course I am!   Before we started, I am being brief about the procedure and requested for my consent, which I happily gave.

The blood sample is like any normal blood taking procedure.  The tissue sample is something I didn’t expect.  A small section of your skin is identified, inject anesthetic and a small skin sample is cut.  Painful?  The anesthetic works, so no worry!  😛  Then they dressed everything up nicely.

research donation


Regarding cure, I am an optimistic person but realistic.  Even if there is no cure in this lifetime, at least we can try to identify which gene causes the problem.  Actually, the purpose of coming forward for this type of research is just that if they did find the defective genes, is about awareness.  Is a rare disease, even if we can only help just 1 person, is a good thing.

You have to believe that if you have a rare genetic disorder, you have “special and valuable” genes.

After two weeks this is how it looks like in the featured photo

Is all about experience

If you happen to be in Melbourne and you have never been here, is good to stop by in Queen Victoria Market, a nice market but is more of a tourist attraction.  But if you want something more local, head to the South Melbourne Market.  Before heading there, we stopped by Chez Dre for brunch, a really hidden place.  I love my brunch which is lamb goujons.  Now, what so special about the South Melbourne market?  There are more art works, like a teapot in a shape of bus, storage baskets, house deco, kids wear, lots of pastries and if you are into seafood, go to the seafood section.

Another inspirational human being

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