I started yoga many years ago but is purely physical, stretches outside of running.  I was introduced to meditation a few years back and I realised is not so easy to meditate.  As I grew older, I realised from yoga, something physical, slowly transitioning to emotional and hopefully mentally, I can build my awareness.  Ambika, my yoga teacher said bring the mindfulness from your mat to your everyday life!  I really recommend children to start yoga.  Although is not easy to build that mindfulness, but at least they are exposed to it and start by first exploring it physically.

The realistic part.  I am losing my sight but with awareness and mindfulness, whenever I walk, I will look around me, through hearing and other senses, be more observant of my surrounding.  This really helps from knocking or falling and most of all, give that sense, I didn’t really lost much, is a different experience.  I think I am setting my goal for the next 5 years to be a yoga teacher to children and people with special needs.