I woke up crying, again, after a few days of stop doing that, worrying I won’t make it. Silly me, very silly. Glad I took yesterday lunch hour to do yin yoga. At the start of the class, the teacher asked, why are you here this Friday afternoon? Listen carefully to your heart and set it your goal for this class. I thought I wanted to “run away” for a while but to my surprise, the little voice came up to me, “To be better” 🙂  I realised my weak mental habit, which I am working hard to get rid: “self-pity”, and the tendency to drown myself in it.

Every year since I am in Melbourne, I joined a winter run at the park and this year falls on this Sunday.  The run starts 730 am and I have to be there at least 7 am to register and is still dark.  I am still hoping my housemate can bring me there, although I can “jog” with a touch light.  I wanted to give up and go on with my programming but something hit me, there are other distances, which starts later, although my initial target was 30k.  “Is easier to give up then to push on!”  I am not giving up!  What is keeping me healthy and upbeat and I believe my eye sight still “retaining”, is because of running!

Enough of talking, you have computational model to build!  System and Goal:

The problem I hit now:
My sentences was not extracted properly

Solutions so far:
Tried regular expression but now sticking 2 BreakIterator

The goal: solve the sentence breaking problem

What I learned:
Lexical matching is crucial in the pre-processing part. What arising from yesterday. could the similarity labels lead me to the meaning categories?  Which leads to my next goal:  Explore how to place the different similarity to the different meaning categories.

Improve my coding and research abilities!

Motivation: I am grateful for the opportunity, why I am still upbeat is not entirely because me, is the people around me, my environment.  After reading the post below, reminder to myself, be a little kinder, if you see a homeless in the freezing cold, buy a cup of coffee  and stop to enjoy the beautiful surrounding.

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