I realised why partially I break down and cry is because of the pressure. I even woke up in the middle of the night worrying. That is the recipe to blindness even for normal people. I accept my committee decision and take it positively to push myself but if it happens to another RP person, constantly remind yourself, don’t get caught up with your own thought of not completing on time. I am experimenting on myself and I hope if it works, if it does I can share with other RP patients especially children. I cannot emphasize enough, early detection! I went to a specs shop in Melbourne and realised they take image of the eye ball during eye checkup. Is a good early detection attemp.

I guess the key here is you need to perform, you want to do your best, yes, under pressure! At the same time, you need to maintain not only your eye health but your health in general. RP patients, you are special, unlike normal people, once our eye cells die, we are blind. I realised the past few blogs I didn’t state what I eat. The 80:20 rule. 80% food, 20% exercise. You can reduce your exercise because of the time constrain but never the food. What I had yesterday dinner, roasted chicken n hot potatoes salad. Breakfast: sesame seeds multi grain bread 2 slices. 1/2 slice Nutella. The rest plain. With 1 kiwi. Morning snack ricotta borek. Lunch hot potatoes salad. Yes salad with 4 blended leaves, carrot, tomato, beetroot tzarzaki, olive n 1/2 avocado. Afternoon snack, 1/2 pear. Dinner kimchi taufu, carrot, tomato, asparagus, seaweed noodle. 30 mins runs 3 times a week and yoga  or 10k steps. Sleep, 7-8 H a day. You can wake up in the middle of the night worrying m crying. Don’t leave the bed. Rest on, 7-8 hours a day

I used to think if we push hard enough, regardless of your disabilities, we all should be treated equal, so I never raise directly my condition, unless if I need to go out alone at dark. Now I realised, I cannot be like “normal”, especially the “walk of shame”, when near due date and I have to walk out for a regular run or yoga! Parents, you really need to train your RP kids, when facing with teammates or colleagues, explain to them and even they can’t understand, continue on exercise regularly. I hope I can push for the initiative equality for not only for disabled person but people with RP, those people with condition going to be disabled. We are not using it as an excuse, never. We are trying our best to do the best but our condition requires us to put our health first!

Enough talk! System of the day: don’t get caught up with your negative thought

Goal: extract T n H!

Next goal, improve on the T n H n extract out for testing one set version papers