Is a matter of perspective, I might think your journey is tough but you may think my journey is tough.  Either way, all of us have our own journey we need to go through.  Be mindful of our own journey, at the same time be mindful of others.

I have been lucky because I am able to join a Mindfulness workshop, organised by the uni, which some how is not being run again.  I tried meditation before once, that time with a monk from Perth if not mistaken, back in my hometown.  The meditation session was attended by those with experience in meditation.  Partially because at that time, my mind wasn’t open enough.  Honestly, at that time, I really thought, just sitting there!  How can so many people just sit there whole day???!!!  After the 5 day workshop, once a week, which was ran by a mindfulness consultant from Melbourne, I start to “feel” the effect of meditation to the body and most of all to the heart.  Although mindfulness and meditation are related but once you experience it, only then you can tell the differences.  I will not go around and tell you is good for you because I personally being told many times, sat once to try it out and it didn’t work.  You really need a guided mindfulness approach to make it works.  The consultant provided a guided meditation link which I am going to share with all of you:

No harm trying, especially the one on developing self compassion, when was the last time you stop and be compassionate to yourself?

My target now, recover from the cold, generate out the automated text fragments and the reward, I will be running at a location I have never been, for security purpose, I ll post it up only after the reward! Go ping2!