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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


August 2016

It takes a blind 12 years old to stand up!

Another inspiration!

I really do not understand, why the idea was not accepted at first.  The tactile really do not distract anyone at all but means so much to the visioned impaired.  If I knew then, I would have stand up together with him!  But I am still happy with the outcome!


By the blind, for All

My research is to find a way to detect meaning changes in revision in a multi author environment. Most authors think is for them but what has always been part of my design is to make it easier for the vision impaired to participate in collaborative writing. Vision impaired limits mobility and we are human, we are social being. I strongly agree with him, Design with the blind in mind, is a universal design. The awakening moment, before I was diagnosed with RP, it never Cross my mind designing with the blind in mind.
I thought I will not have the mental strength when losing so much of my sight, instead this “last” stage, I am the most courages. Have you ever tried making a hot drink with your eyes shut? 10 years ago I thought learning Braille will be the hardest, today I think learning to live when I am blind will be hardest. I am slowly learning, is alright to be vunerable but is not alright to give up.

Chocolate cheese cupcakes

I love chocolate and cheese but I don’t really like sweet things, I am such a complicated woman! Haha

I tried the recipe: Chocolate cheese cupcakes, but I changed castor sugar to raw sugar, reduced a little, the white sugar I changed to 1/4 brown and the rest raw sugar but instead total 1 cup, I reduced a little bit. My version looks nice and I love the bitter sweet chocolate cake with warm cheese!

The recipe taken from 3MinuteTV, brackets with modification

1 1/3 cup plain flour

1/2 cup cocoa

1 cup sugar (1/4 cup brown sugar 2/3 raw sugar)

2 tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

  • Mix the dry ingredients above

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk

  • Mix the above into the dry ingredients mixture

1/2 cup milk

  • Mix the milk with the muxture well, till smooth

Separate bowl,

225 g cream cheese

1/3 cup sugar (raw reduce slightly)

  • Mix the ingredient till smooth

1 egg

  • Add to the cheese mixture and mix till smooth

Muffin Tray, put in the paper cups and add in 2 spoons of chocolate mixture, 1 spoon cheese mixture and 2 more spoons of chocolate mixture. Repeat

Preheat oven, 180 degree, Bake 12-15 mins

There is always more to academic studies

Today is #uomopenday. The 1st sem I volunteered and followed a friend to checkout on the colleges, last year I accompanied my cousin to look around academic programmes and today is that time of the year again. The open day is to attract more undergrad and I am in no position to give my opinion on studies as I never do my undergrad here but I can share other things about the Uni, which to me, are important factors:  undergrad is the transition of teenage life to adult life and the other aspects build you as a person. Although I am only talking about my experience, you are free to choose what you enjoy but the general idea applies. My view is from an international student which has never study in other country before except for my home country and now in Melbourne.

Food! (Learn to cook 😉, is a living skill)

Yes, how could that not be in the top of the list! There is pizza place but honestly, not a fan of pizza but that shop has my favourite spinach and cheese wrap in pastry and it is $2.80. During winter, when I walk to my lab, I ll grab one and they heat it up, walking while eating a hot food in winter at that price! The same building, the union house,you get medium size coffee at the chill out bar $3.50. I am a coffee lover, is really not bad. Other than sushi, I love the bento! I love Lot 6, coffee is consistent and the muffins with crumble. Student pricing at its best! Once a week, there is free breakfast of bacon, egg, bread, pancake, cereal, milk, fruits. During semester, occasionally, you can find free lunch. I think I should have place this 1st, the microwaves free to use in the union house!

Volunteering (give yourself the opportunity to be responsible for your surrounding and it seriously don’t have to be about academics or career!)

Yes, My first sem, I actually volunteered for open day 🤓. I volunteered to mentor girls in my 1st semester. Lots of activities line up, as volunteer training is provided too. I volunteered to clean the fridge, coffee machine and prepare for grad students tea time.

Wellbeing (this is just the beginning to take care of the inner you)

I love this but not sure if it applies to undergrad but I would think so there is similar activities. The GSA organised mindfulness workshop and although I was trying it out because before this meditation did not work for me and I am hooked! A meditation believer now! There is yoga too but is super crowded!

Workshops (learn new things, meet new people that is good at what they do)

Leadership and academics skills, both which I enjoy. I love interactive workshops and the Uni is good at that.

Rowden library (what ever knowledge you have, is yours)

What so big deal about a library? There have non academic books, movies, series!!! Yes 😎

Running team (move that body baby!)

Yes, if you enjoy running outside of Uni, there is running team for outside runs like Mother’s Day, melbourne marathon, etc. they provide place to keep your things, snacks. You can even meet students from other Uni because is under the Uni hub. The team can be further improved, such as training runs, meet up, etc

Counselling (sometimes you just want someone to listen)

I used the counselling service only once. It will be unfair for me to rate but there can be room for improvement such as following up.

Little things such as shaded areas, where I can sit and have lunch or read in a good sunny day in Melbourne!

One important point I want to share here is, think carefully what degree you want to do and where you do it. It is not end of the world but some how it pre-determines a lot of things about your future like friends for life, career choice, lifestyle, and to some extend, place to life or work later in life. Good luck and have fun!


Massa-gic ball

I did my 1/2 marathon two weeks ago and to help me recover, other than yoga, stretch, rest and eat, nothing fancy, just a massage ball, specifically lacrosse!  This little ball really works like magic. 

The important part here is before this, I had my physio therapist identified my problem, which is my right glute. My therapist is really good, Nicole from Elite Akademy, but as a graduate student, is a “luxury” to go physio! Nonetheless, I am glad I met her. I recommend to try physio which uses the Ridgway method. Generally, therapists can use different approach but this approach tries to identify the root cause of your injury and solve the problem from there. I stopped going but after each run, I know what to do. My case, I just sit on the ball, shift the ball to massage my thigh, I even use it to massage the feet, step on it and roll. Cheap and effective. I found this:

It begins with you

Recently, someone close opened up that she has multiple sclerosis (MS). Over the years, I knew she has problem but she never open up.  Is not because she didn’t know her condition but she fears people will think she has some sort of infectious disease and she didn’t want to burden anyone. The part of burdening someone, I can relate. Last year, I was told that another friend from primary school has ALS. Although both MS and ALS have its differences, but the similarity here is your body lose control because is a nerve problem. The story I was told, that friend went to hide because she didn’t want to burden her family. This type of disorder, at some point you need help. This too is a reminder to myself. This really melts down to education. Clearly, is not an infection disease. Yes, is genetics but you don’t choose your genes. I will put a scenario. Imagine if you fainted, no around you know what is wrong with you, lots of tests are performed but this could have been saved for other patients. And your family is worry sick! Now, let us turn the situation around, you fainted and the people around you knows what is wrong and have the correct procedure to help you. It really begins with you. If no one knows your condition, then educate them. Come out from that shell not only for yourself but others. I am very sure, everyone is more than willing to help 😍

After hearing stories of MS, actually someone commented this too in RP Awareness FB page, RP is not so bad. I am going to frame this as a maths problem because I am a nerd. What is the probability a person gets a rare genetics disease with no family history? Hell, I am one darn lucky girl! 👻 Don’t run away, face your fear! Live life to the fullest surrounded by the people you love!


“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

I told a friend I want to run Brisbane 1/2 marathon. Lisa never run a single marathon before, not even 10km although she constantly jog. She said she will accompany me and off the two ladies to Brisbane marathon!

1st stop, brunch at Le Cirque Fine Foods, Southern Cross before heading to the airport. My brunch was average but Lisa’s food was better.

We have never been to Brisbane before and never stay in Airbnb, so we decided to stay in one in Brisbane. Kate, our host, her place is really nice and neat, is at George street, so really near the CBD and of course, Brisbane 1/2 marathon starting point.

We decided to make our own dinner at Kate’s place. Yummy fresh food, Beef steak, broccoli, mushroom, tomato and onion and yes, butter, and of course, red wine.

The next day, I randomly bought a Groupon. We decided to walk to the place. Along the way, we had fun taking photos.  We searched for the cafe and guess what, this cafe is right under the Brisbane eye! The food was really good, Champ kitchen and bar. Lisa ordered the champ’s breakfast while I had wild mushroom and spinach.

 After the brunch, we walked more to collect race packs. So from George street to grey street and now walking to Park street. After collecting, we decided to walk back, from park street, we walked  all the way  to queen street. While searching for a toilet, it became an adventure. We thought we found a toilet at the Milton train station and guess what, it was locked! But the train station has nice graffiti. 

The wrong route caused us to be late for our next appointment with my aunt. Rushed and finally met up!

Aunt Lydia treated us Pig and whistle. My pork pie is really not nice but others are not bad.

We were off for dessert at Passion Tree Velvet, yummy

Aunt Lydia is forever cheerful and she is a very strong lady. 

That night, we decided to only eat yogurt for dinner. The next morning, thanks to Kate, we had cereals and milk before heading for the run.  And is all running after that!

We made it!!! Lisa you are good. For a person that never run a 1/2 marathon, you completed below 2h30mins. Go girl!

Before we headed back, we stopped at Taro’s Ramen. Delicious! We ordered the fire ramen and kimchi pork rice. Is near the central train station, where we took the Airtrain to the airport.

Thank you Brisbane, Lisa, Lydia, Daphne and Kate! Not forgetting Alex, she purposely went to the city to bring me home in the evening. 


Positivity is not being optimistic when things go well but positivity is when things don’t turn the way you wanted but you are opitimitic it will be right. 

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