I need to warn those attempting to try one.  Different people have different heights and is not only about heights, your hand length, basically whole body.  I tried a cheaper version compared to a more expensive one where I can adjust sand and sit.  When I first started, it was not easy to focus, meaning, new programming task, I have to force myself to focus.  After a while, if you got used to it, no standing table, can be pain!!!!

I stopped using a standing table when I got back.  Despite me doing yoga in the morning, taking 5 mins break and jog in the evening, the back pain is terrible when you sit whole day to write!

The key here is not to be the same position all the time.  There is a few 5 mins break videos I like, which do not require yoga mat and purely standing:

My old one, just a cheaper stand, the problem was the monitor to low.  Long term, I did get back pain.  I stop using it.


My new cooler one! 😀  Yes, with the keyboard compartment sliding out and you can adjust to stand or sit!