This paper presents nutrition and RP.

I need to emphasise here, the progression of RP disease is very much dependant on the patients and no concrete evidence that nutrients can indeed slower down the disease.  I am just purely sharing my experience here.  Since about 4 years back, I tried my best to eat right.  Every morning, I will have my 1/2 boiled egg, for the lutein.  Consistently everyday I have my vitamin A palmitate and Lutein, a table a day.  I try my best to eat as 3 types of different colour fruits a day and vegetables.  In the morning too, I will drink honey, most time with a little bit of lime or lemon juice.  I minimise my rice and bread intake.  I have fish at least one a week and other protein in present in every dinner.  I try to keep a healthy lifestyle, not only food, I will do yoga most morning and run on alternate days.  I too try to sleep 8 hours a day.  My biggest “weakness”: thick black tea.

The question now, how do I feel the progression of the disease?  I still have a good amount of vision despite the fact that I hit 37 this year.  Night central vision is still alright although peripheral or side vision is terrible.