“Never give up your power to another person” – Oprah Winfrey

I heard that quote before but today I experience first hand what that means.  The idea for a grant came from my brother in law but together with my student we came up with the grant application.  However, due to administrative reason, I had to appoint another person as the leader of the grant application.  Right before submission,  the leader added a lot of people that have no idea of the grant at all.  I understand it was a strategic movement as the grant will “look” as though there is more collaborators from varieties of areas.  Furthermore, if the grant is approved, these collaborators can always contribute later but they too can choose not to contribute.  I am now practising to be authentic, remembering the quote, I stated that I did not feel comfortable adding members which do not know anything at all.  However, it was too late, the grant had been submitted.

Coming from a family where you follow every instructions given to you, I am happy I stated what I felt although nothing can be done anymore.  #GirlCode

Now, I am hoping if the grant did get accepted, all members will contribute 🙂 #BePositive