At the age of 26, I am diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), what is that?  We lose our vision progressive, normally starting with difficulty to see at night, slowly becoming tunnel vision and eventually blind.

Yes!  At that age 26, where ppl work hard to build a career, looking forward to marriage, I am told I am going blind but to put it in the nice words by the eye doctor, “if you can retained a certain amount of vision at the age of 40, that is really good”.

Now it has been 10 years since I first being diagnosed.  When this blog first started, I never thought of using it this way but now I am going to use this, to put down what I eat to keep myself healthy, the running and of course, live life to the fullest.  When you are diagnosed with going blind, you just can’t stop yourself falling into being self-pity, which will cause you to cry, which is the last thing you want for your eyes because sad tears have been shown to be asidic.  You just have to learn to fight, I have kind of build a mechanism for this and I will blog this down later.  I had done horse riding, quad biking, got my diving license, ran 1/2 marathons, climbed the tallest mountain in South East Asia, now I am doing my PhD and I was once engaged to a wonderful guy!  I hope one day, even if this blog only inspired 1 person, that person in return can inspire 1 more person, let us hope this place will be a better place.  I hope with this blog will create awareness of RP and rare diseases!  I will try link to those people I know what actually going through rare diseases.

Initially, I don’t dare to share my condition with ppl openly because I fear that ppl might think I am using this as an excuse but who are they to judge when everyday I wake up and try my best?  and I know there are ppl that want to ask me the question but don’t dare to, “how is it like knowing that you are going blind?”  there is not straight answer.  This blog is about hope, as long as you believe there is light in your heart, you are will be able to see.  Is about my journey surrounded by wonderful ppl to help me, which RP patients really need, which create the magic light in my heart.