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I set my goals high! Yes, I fell hard all the time but time and again have shown me that I landed stronger, to climb again! When you know you are going blind, you wake up everyday not to meet others' expectation, but to work hard for what you truly enjoy and believe in. This is my journey


Charity Home

Who is going to kiss him?

It was raining, late afternoon, off I went for groceries. I always see this guy, begging outside the shopping complex. I told myself, I will buy him hot chocolate on my way out. I basically rushed through the shop, fearing it will get dark soon and even forgotten to grab yogurt. When I came out and saw the guy, too late to go back, I quickly search for an apple and gave it to him.  He rejected it. I told my friends about it and my friend said he is worried I am snow white’s step mother and if he bites the apple, he will faint and who is going to kiss him?

Although that was a joke, all of us want a happily ever after, openly or secretly.  What we really need is a little love. Hopefully he will get it that life can sucks first class but there will always be someone that care. #havealittleFaith


A name that is too Big!

PERTEKMA wonderful students insisted that we have the “program anak angkat” which this time they arranged to visit Kompleks Anak Yatim Laila Taib. When the name first crossed my mind, it must be a rich organisation. We made jokes about the children being step-children now since Taib remarries. The journey to the complex required us to pass big houses, houses so nice so warm for families to live. Behind these houses, is where about 70 children either lost both parents of one of their parents. Not all of them are children instead some are teenagers, the youngest being five years old while the oldest 17 years old. For a place with such a big name, it is actually quite run down. Other than the block being renovated, is really just a normal hostel. We started the day at the surau with the children introducing themselves.. By then I had already fallen in love with the children, young and old. After that was followed by Jeff’s motivation talk. To my surprise!!!!!!!!!! Jeft actually has slides. OMG guess what is Jeff’s slide’s title? “Tanggungjawab sebagai seorang pelajar”. Aduh!!!!!!! Slide macam itu pun saya akan tertidur oh!!!!! But when the talk started, it went to another turned and it was not at all boring like the title. He did a wonderful job with the topic. Then the next activity was teaching the children how to make games using Game Maker. It was quite a failure because the children were only interested in playing games and not making games.  We broke for lunch and afternoon prayer.  They might be naughty like all other kids but they really good kids.  Then we moved outdoor to play.

As we were playing, a black Iswara drove in, with heavy exhaust. Then one of boys, the one all of us loved very much, I think maybe 9 years old, he could be younger, rushed to the car. I think both Fizi and Hazreen rushed over and said the boy said his mum is here.  His mum re-married again so left him at the children home.  We were all in shocked and we observed what the boy did.  His mum did not even open the car door, just wind down the window.  He went around the car, giving the rest salam through the opened windows.  She passed him a packet with a box of soya drink and crackers , I think and the car just drove off.  And he just obediently went back to the play with the rest of the group.  Other than after Mambong tour with AP Dr Cyril Ernest, this must be the one of those really2 emotional thing.  I cried and cried after I reached home.  Would you have left your child for a new husband?  The boy was so obedient, was so adorable, was such a good boy.
Other than Tzu Chi, this is another place I felt strongly I had to go. They touched me so much that I looked at Laila Taib at an entirely different perspective; if she really had put her heart here, what she did really touches the people for the rest of their lives.  This place also reminded me of the charity drive we did at the Kalimantan cross border with Tzu Chi a few year back.  If there is a place you would like to be a part of, spend some time with the children at Kompleks Anak Yatim Laila Taib.  Until now, I really cannot imagine myself without parents and especially like those kids, if it was me, I really don’t know how I will make it through without them.

I will be heading to Drain Ling’s wedding, and to Universal Studio, I think I will be updating this and of course, I have always wanted to do a road trip from Kuching to KK, and it is finally going to be in May, so keep in tune!

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